interiors: small apartment solutions, sydney

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When it comes to small apartments, functionality and comfort are the two main “issues” that need to be taken into account. The greatest challenge as a designer is to create (or at least give the feeling that there is) more space then it actually…is. The Australian Minosa Design Studio designed this small apartment of a family of five in Bondi Beach, Sydney, trying to solve the problem of space. The studio is specialized in stand-alone design concepts for contemporary bathrooms and kitchens, so the client’s request to adjust the small space and create a larger one, by adding an extra floor and creating a fun, functional and “stiffed” with appliances kitchen was pretty interesting and challenging.

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The heart of the kitchen consists of a ten-seater table, luscious (and with an expendable part). It incorporated plenty of shelves that can be easily hidden. This was a very interesting approach towards the designers’ solution which I absolutly love. They chose to simply “hide” parts of the kitchen, under white and luscious sliding doors, in order to create more space.

Small Apartment in Sydney #interiors #apartment #decor #arhitektura+ (3)Small Apartment in Sydney #interiors #apartment #decor #arhitektura+ (8) Small Apartment in Sydney #interiors #apartment #decor #arhitektura+ (4) Small Apartment in Sydney #interiors #apartment #decor #arhitektura+ (5) Small Apartment in Sydney #interiors #apartment #decor #arhitektura+ (6) Small Apartment in Sydney #interiors #apartment #decor #arhitektura+ (7)

travel: me hotel, london

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It is coming up to 4 years since we last went to Europe & UK I can’t believe how time flies. Therefore, today I am dreaming of another holiday, escape to London. Located in a sought after region of London, at the southern tip of Covent Garden in London’s art, culture and design district, the ME London 5 star hotel surprises due to an original modern design. The contemporary accommodation unit was developed by Foster + Partners and features 157 guest rooms including 16 suites. The apartments located on the upper two levels come with access to spectacular terraces and extensive city views.

creative-Hotel-Me-London #travel #escape #hotel #arhitektura+ (2) creative-Hotel-Me-London #travel #escape #hotel #arhitektura+ (3) creative-Hotel-Me-London #travel #escape #hotel #arhitektura+ (4) creative-Hotel-Me-London #travel #escape #hotel #arhitektura+ (5) creative-Hotel-Me-London #travel #escape #hotel #arhitektura+ (6) creative-Hotel-Me-London #travel #escape #hotel #arhitektura+ (7)

Happy Orthodox Easter

Happy Easter! As you know we celebrate Orthodox Easter, we will be enjoying it with friends and family, we are taking couple days off from blogging this weekend. Today I am dying eggs and thinking of other creative things to decorate my eggs I will share some next week! We hope you enjoy your Easter weekend, if you are celebrating! Take care, Sara ox

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As promised, I would like to share with you my baby shower photos, which was two weekends ago. Baby shower was styled and planned by me, along with the help of my sisters. I absolutely love turquoise, but with the gender of the baby a surprise, I put in baby pink to pair with turquoise details. I used these beautiful printables from Ontobaby, as I ran out of time to design my own. With a theme pink or blue, I created invites as well as food labels and thank you cards used on Revlon nail polishes in pink and blue which my guests took home

baby-shower-pink-or-blue-02 baby-shower-pink-or-blue-03

Wishes for the baby, was my absolutely favourite as I had a laugh reading them all and it is a beautiful memory from the day which I have put in the baby book

baby-shower-pink-or-blue-04 baby-shower-pink-or-blue-05 baby-shower-pink-or-blue-06

Baby showers was filled with much fun, laughter, food, family, friends, gifts, and let’s not forget- the games! It was a beautiful day spent with my closest family and friends I will cherish forever.

Credits & Sources

Printables: Ontobaby
Frames: Ikea
Pink or blue sign and confetti : Lovely Etsy stores PartyHQ & HeatherleasCrafts
Cake: Bellissimo Cakes
Catering: Prepared by me, my mum & mother in-law. My friends made some sweet treats: Lovely cake pops were by a friend Bojana who makes these for all special occasions, Cupcakes were made by my cousin Ana & Pink and blue lamingtons my friend Jelena made, they were all so yummy!

Friday. Im in Love

After a very busy week (which was meant to be lazy week) organising around the house I am looking forward to beautiful long weekend with my hubby. I need a quiet, relaxed, and balanced weekend with lots of tea, coziness at home with a warm blanket and neutral hues to zoom out the fast-paced week and dive into a calm and laid-back weekend. Isn’t that sheer happiness? To visualize my feeling, I prepared this little inspiration for you to enjoy. Not long now till some happy mummy days to enjoy with my new arrival, so for now it is us time. Have a happy weekend, friends!
#inspiration #me time #winter #cozy #winter #fireplace
#inspiration #me time #winter #cozy #winter #fireplace

Baby Shower | Decor Ideas

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At a baby shower, fun is the name of the game. And it’s not always directed at the mummy to be! Baby showers are a great excuse for women to get together and although men aren’t exactly excluded, the truth is that these do tend to be women and girl centred events. My baby shower is fast aproaching, in fact this weekend is the big day. Below are a few of our favorite decor ideas and themes, though almost any craft or decor idea can be transformed into a shower idea in some fashion. Don’t be afraid to be different and throw a party and enjoy the company of your firends and savor the few moments before baby is here! This week we will be posting party theme ideas all week. Hope you enjoy it!

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