Things we love: Kids rooms

A child’s room can be one of the most challenging rooms in the house to redo. However, with some creativity, anyone can decorate their kid’s room. Pick one item or color that will be the main focus of the room and make your decorating plans around that. Here are some of our favorite kid’s room, check out more on my pinterest board here.

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As promised, I would like to share with you my baby shower photos, which was two weekends ago. Baby shower was styled and planned by me, along with the help of my sisters. I absolutely love turquoise, but with the gender of the baby a surprise, I put in baby pink to pair with turquoise details. I used these beautiful printables from Ontobaby, as I ran out of time to design my own. With a theme pink or blue, I created invites as well as food labels and thank you cards used on Revlon nail polishes in pink and blue which my guests took home

baby-shower-pink-or-blue-02 baby-shower-pink-or-blue-03

Wishes for the baby, was my absolutely favourite as I had a laugh reading them all and it is a beautiful memory from the day which I have put in the baby book

baby-shower-pink-or-blue-04 baby-shower-pink-or-blue-05 baby-shower-pink-or-blue-06

Baby showers was filled with much fun, laughter, food, family, friends, gifts, and let’s not forget- the games! It was a beautiful day spent with my closest family and friends I will cherish forever.

Credits & Sources

Printables: Ontobaby
Frames: Ikea
Pink or blue sign and confetti : Lovely Etsy stores PartyHQ & HeatherleasCrafts
Cake: Bellissimo Cakes
Catering: Prepared by me, my mum & mother in-law. My friends made some sweet treats: Lovely cake pops were by a friend Bojana who makes these for all special occasions, Cupcakes were made by my cousin Ana & Pink and blue lamingtons my friend Jelena made, they were all so yummy!

a peek inside: Alaia Rose Barbier Fashion Enthusiast

Alaia_Rose_#fashion #kids style #decor #wardrobe envy #arhitektura+ (9)

Although celebrity stylist Monica Rose is globally recognized for dressing the entire Kardashian clan, her tiniest client has won us over in a major way: her daughter. Back in March, she was crowned as LA’s most stylist tot and the blogosphere seems to agree. Baby Alaia and her exceptionally fashionable mommy have quickly become an inspiration to all parents that are looking to spruce up their kids’ style in a way that’s chic yet fun and age-appropriate. We peek inside Alaia Rose Barbier wardrobe.

Alaia_Rose_#fashion #kids style #decor #wardrobe envy #arhitektura+ (1) Alaia_Rose_#fashion #kids style #decor #wardrobe envy #arhitektura+ (2) Alaia_Rose_#fashion #kids style #decor #wardrobe envy #arhitektura+ (3) Alaia_Rose_#fashion #kids style #decor #wardrobe envy #arhitektura+ (4) Alaia_Rose_#fashion #kids style #decor #wardrobe envy #arhitektura+ (5) Alaia_Rose_#fashion #kids style #decor #wardrobe envy #arhitektura+ (6) Alaia_Rose_#fashion #kids style #decor #wardrobe envy #arhitektura+ (7) Alaia_Rose_#fashion #kids style #decor #wardrobe envy #arhitektura+ (8)

Isn’t she the cutest mini fahionista? With the most envy-worthy mini closet?

Baby Shower Gifts | High and Low

A baby shower can be a simple gathering of a few friends for a cup of afternoon tea, or you can go whole hog with decorations, a theme, a cake, and games. But no matter what the characteristics of the shower, the basic motivation behind it is the same: Pregnant women deserve a chance to celebrate and some presents to help them get ready for parenthood. Next time you’re invited to a baby shower, here is our list of baby shower gift ideas, including a few special finds to spoil new mums.


Sure, high chairs are going to end up with steamed veggie mash and rice cereal all over them but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix in some high-design with that food mess. This Ovo high chair by Micuna is stunning.

baby shower gifts_newborn_arhitektura+ (1)

I am always so thrilled when I find a unique, quality shop on Etsy. So when I came across Gifts Define it was no exception! I had to have one of their cute mobiles for my baby so my sister actually purchased it for me. You can check out their store here.

We have collaborated with Gifts Define and they are offering my readers $10 off for any order of $75 or more, just enter promo code BABY10 till end 31.05.13.

baby shower gifts_newborn_arhitektura+ (6)

Everything’s cuter when it’s baby-sized, and that goes for clothes hangers, too. You can easily personalize baby hangers with rubber stamps and non-smear ink to create sweet keepsakes or baby shower gifts! These hangers are from IKEA.

baby shower gifts_newborn_arhitektura+ (2)

The Eames RAR rocker is the answer to every chic and contemporary minded mum out there. It can serve as a distinctive rocking chair for the nursery and when baby has grown out of being rocked, it can seamlessly blend in with your lounge room furniture. It’s to be loved and cherished for many, many years unlike traditional nursery gliders that quite often get sold or quickly shifted to a dark corner.

baby shower gifts_newborn_arhitektura+ (3)

This is one modern swing that is definitely on my list Mamas & Papas Starlight Swing Once Upon A Time. Fantastic new folding travel baby swing with adjustable light canopy, twinkling light shows and MP3 jack so you can plug-in your MP3 player for  baby and you to enjoy!

Friday. Im in Love

It’s weekend again. Isn’t it just perfect. I am off to visit my my cousin who gave birth to little adorable twins in Canberra this weekend. It will be a great roadtrip down with my mum and sisters. Speaking of kids: This weekend I will be fooling around and taking photos of them, I will unleashed the kiddo in me. With my little one on the way now I am always on a look out for playful inspiration and I spotted these super cool kids stuff, hope you enjoy my collection. Have a happy weekend!


British designer Donna Wilson’s House Throw Play Den blanket is woven with strategically placed ‘windows’ and ‘doors’ to depict a house. When it’s not being used as a cubby, the pure lambswool blanket is equally lovely on a bed. I love this simple idea.


Being an architect myself my kid must have these simple Bauhaus Bauspiel Building Blocks. Designed by Alma Siedhoff-Buscher during her training at the Bauhaus in the early 1920s, the Bauspiel blocks represent the Bauhaus school’s philosophy of creating toys meant to stimulate inventiveness, joy and imagination in children.


Never too old for quality craft gifts, we love the Goose Grease Wooden Peg People kits. Everything you need is included in the kit – wooden dolls, paints, instructions and tips. You can paint their best friends and more! Wooden Peg People Kits are priced from US$14 and available from Goose Grease.


If you have a house choc-full of boys then you need to entertain them for hours with these great Automoblox. These cars have superior styling and inbuilt versatility with an educational bent. They can be taken apart to reveal removable colour-coded connectors that are unique to the individual vehicles – swap the wooden body parts to create new designs!


Currently Crushing: Fashionable Little Ones


Should I be completely ashamed of myself for being so envious of these little mini fashionistas? I’m certain it doesn’t get any cuter than this. I’ve actually created a pin board dedicated to darling (well-dressed) little babes. The bows, brightly colored tights, chic trench coat, pretty miniature curls – if it all doesn’t put a smile on your face there’s nothing that would!

Kids Style_Fashion_Arhitektura+ (1) Kids Style_Fashion_Arhitektura+ (2) Kids Style_Fashion_Arhitektura+ (3) Kids Style_Fashion_Arhitektura+ (4) 79587118384872082_Vb5c5Usj_c

Mum’s Lounge | Parents’ retreat

Today I wanted to share with you The Melbourne Central Parents’ Retreat by Clare Cousins Architects. If you are lucky enough to live in Melbourne check it out.

“The brief called for three key zones: a wet area for toileting/baby change; a feeding/play area; and a retreat lounge as a waiting or alternative feeding area. While the project required a highly practical solution, ensuring children’s safety, adequate sight lines, and low-maintenance wet areas, for example, the emphasis is on peace and play. This is not a utility space, which is used and then left; rather, it encourages people to linger, children to play and parents to recharge. Key to the concept was the aim to preference local suppliers, and to use low-tech and sustainable materials, with bespoke play equipment unique to the project. A vibrant colour palette delineates and connects zones for easy navigation, while the custom-designed play equipment entices children to engage with the space physically.”

I think this concept is fun and fabulous, a touch of practical luxury and leisure in an often utilitarian and frankly boring space. This project stands out as a unique and innovative example of a space that considers the needs of children and their parents. Something like this has been neglected in many city spaces.

Now it would be great to see this type of design thinking applied to many more public spaces within the city – making for more relaxing, playful and friendly environments. Don’t you agree? Have you come across a similar place in Australia that you enjoy going to, while you are away shopping?

Kids Corner | Childrens Bedroom | Small Space

I am starting a new series on my blog as I am always on a lookout for different, creative kids spaces, so this space surely deserves this post. The entire room displays fresh, bright colors, inspiring happy feelings. According to the designers at Neopolis, this children’s bedroom was implemented for a young family and their small daughter. There is just one kid in the family yet, but in the case of a second child the room is designed in neutral colors – white, ivory, bright wood. There are two big storage spaces in the interior:  one big wardrobe for clothes and one big closed cupboard for toys. Beds are orientated in one line – head to head.

‘Barbie I Can be… Architect’

Mattel has teamed up with American Institute of Architects to create Architect Barbie for young girls.  Called ‘Barbie I Can be… Architect’, the doll is dressed in a little dress that showcases the city skyline; and comes with a hard hat, carrying case for her latest designs, a model dream house, and black-rimmed architect glasses.  Who said architects can’t wear pink? The costs of this Barbie is $19.89 and is available here.

She comes with a stylish architect design pink house.  A joint statement from Ms. Li and Ms. Paklar stated, “We are very honored to have been chosen by AIA and Mattel as a finalist and as the public favorite – Barbie was both of ours’ favorite doll growing up in China and Croatia. We appreciate the versatility of our profession which allows us to express ourselves in a myriad of ways – from entirely built city environments to a Barbie Dream House. We hope to encourage more young female architects to flex their design muscles and just to have fun with architecture.” Winners of Barbie House design.

However, if you been following my facebook page I have been uploading some good articles from Archi parlour. Their survey research shows that the problem isn’t getting women to enter the profession in the first place, it’s getting them to stay there. It’s generally accepted that the participation of women peaks in architecture school at approximately 40 percent. Once they’ve graduated, only a quarter of those women complete the registration, required to become a registered architect or even legally call oneself an “architect.”

Today, only 20% of practising architects are women. In terms of inclusion, architecture is lagging behind other US professions such as law (42% women) and medicine (39% women). Given that the public perception of architecture tends to be of a male-dominated profession, it is important to demonstrate the profusion of women who already work successfully in the field. It is important that potential future architects have a more accurate sense of what architectural work actually entails, with a more realistic portrait of everyday life in an architectural office, including the fact that this is a place and a profession for women as well as men.

I believe that women tend to have to work harder but also more strategically to make sure that the people above them know that it was them that did the job, and them that had the idea.

I think it is harder for a male architect going to a building site to say ‘oh my god, I’ve got no idea what that thing is,’ whereas a woman can say that, and the men [builders] seem to like teaching female architects. So that is a real advantage, that kind of freedom to ask a lot of questions without it becoming an ego or macho issue at all.

How I Met Your Mother | Yummy Mummy | Vogue Russia

IF all Moms were this SEXY!


Magazine: Vogue Russia, May 2012| Model: Maryna Lynchuk | Photographer: Alexi Lubomirski | Stylist: Ekaterina Mukhina

OK, so maybe Maryna Linchuk is not a mother in real life (yet), but she definitely fits the role in this month’s Russian Vogue editorial – “How I Met Your Mother”. This beauty shows the world how you can be a hot Mama and still mean business in sky-high stilettos, hot off the runway designer pieces, and some pretty adorable accessories children. She must be taking notes from Victoria Beckham herself – who has perfected the fierce look even with her real-life children at hand!  Your attire does not need to be as skin-tight and figure bearing as the lovely model above, however it would be great to remain classic and chic. No mom jeans. No moo-moos. All style.  
LOVE this editorial because it celebrates the modern woman. A woman who can have a successful career, raise a family, run a household and look STUNNING while doing all of that!  So, I dedicate this post to all the super women out there!