Our Little Baby has Arrived

Dearest Arhitektura+ followers,
If you are reading this post, that can only mean one thing – our little ray of sunshine has finally arrived and I am now officially mummy. Can you believe it? Being 10 days overdue I am literally pinching myself at the thought of meeting our little baby as I pre-write this post in my super organised style.I just wanted to let you know what will be happening here while I am recovering from birth and taking a bit of time to enjoy the ride. I couldn’t possibly leave you hanging for weeks without any posts, right? So I’ve written a few posts just for the occasion which will publish immediately each morning for couple weeks.

I’m hoping to get back to regular blogging over the next few weeks (including our nursery reveal) but for now, with this face staring at me… I drift back into the world of motherhood. I look forward to catching up with you all very soon.




As promised, I would like to share with you my baby shower photos, which was two weekends ago. Baby shower was styled and planned by me, along with the help of my sisters. I absolutely love turquoise, but with the gender of the baby a surprise, I put in baby pink to pair with turquoise details. I used these beautiful printables from Ontobaby, as I ran out of time to design my own. With a theme pink or blue, I created invites as well as food labels and thank you cards used on Revlon nail polishes in pink and blue which my guests took home

baby-shower-pink-or-blue-02 baby-shower-pink-or-blue-03

Wishes for the baby, was my absolutely favourite as I had a laugh reading them all and it is a beautiful memory from the day which I have put in the baby book

baby-shower-pink-or-blue-04 baby-shower-pink-or-blue-05 baby-shower-pink-or-blue-06

Baby showers was filled with much fun, laughter, food, family, friends, gifts, and let’s not forget- the games! It was a beautiful day spent with my closest family and friends I will cherish forever.

Credits & Sources

Printables: Ontobaby
Frames: Ikea
Pink or blue sign and confetti : Lovely Etsy stores PartyHQ & HeatherleasCrafts
Cake: Bellissimo Cakes
Catering: Prepared by me, my mum & mother in-law. My friends made some sweet treats: Lovely cake pops were by a friend Bojana who makes these for all special occasions, Cupcakes were made by my cousin Ana & Pink and blue lamingtons my friend Jelena made, they were all so yummy!

Interiors: Decorating with Grey

I think a lot of us may shy away from grey, associating it with being dull, however, it is a colour that is far from dull if the correct tones and accents are chosen correctly as can be seen in the collages I have put together below. What is important is the “tone” of grey we choose for our interiors. The lightest tone of grey on walls still allows a feeling of spaciousness and can brighten a dark room, dark grey on a wall, however, may become oppressive. If dark grey is used on one wall alone, for example behind a bed, it can evoke a wonderful feeling of drama and romance. More grey inspiration in yesterday’s post.

grey_yellow collage

Grey & Yellow

Grey green collage

Grey & Green

grey and red collage 1

Grey & Red

blue and grey interiors #decor #arhitektura+

Grey & Blue

grey and pink collage

Grey & Pink

grey on grey collage

Tone on Tone – Grey on Grey

Things we love: Shades of Grey

The thing about color is that it really is powerful, it can be exciting and illicit certain emotions almost instantly. However, grey…it’s a perfect blend of feminine and masculine. It almost gives you that feeling of peace, relaxation, something so smooth. Lately I am just really LOVING it…

shade of grey #interiors #fashion #decor #masculine #arhitektura+ shade of grey #interiors #fashion #decor #arhitektura+ (6) shade of grey #interiors #fashion #decor #arhitektura+ (5) shade of grey #interiors #fashion #decor #arhitektura+ (4) shade of grey #interiors #fashion #decor #arhitektura+ (2) shade of grey #interiors #fashion #decor #arhitektura+ (1)

Things we Love: Lazy week

weekend inspiration_me time_ relax_Arhitektura+ (3)

My first day of maternity leave I couldn’t be more thrilled as I’m very tired lately and any spare moment of laziness sounds blissful to me. Normally I’m always up to something, so this state of tiredness caused by the pregnancy falls hard on me – both mentally and physically. I’m having troubles accepting the fact that if I’m unable to run errands as I did before – it’s ok (and I should stop blaming myself for wanting to rest as much as possible). It’s a problem deep in my mind, so I have to work on that. I’m starting today, with this post of a lazy week ahead of doing nothing – just sleeping, going for long walks and eating yummy meals. Hope you have a good week!

weekend inspiration_me time_ relax_Arhitektura+ (2)

weekend inspiration_me time_ relax_Arhitektura+ (4)

weekend inspiration_me time_ relax_Arhitektura+ (5)

Friday. Im in Love

Seriously guys, is there a happier day than Friday? With the weekend ahead I am getting in a really happy mood. Whatever the plans – shopping, meeting friends, cinema, museum, blogging, or just relaxing and staying in – weekends inherit the power to boost and regenerate our energy and get us all ready for new adventures. Happy weekend, friends!weekend, freedom, happiness

Choose your Love, Love your Choice

Two years ago today, I married the love of my life. I would say he’s the man of my dreams, but to be honest, my dreams of the man I would one day marry never came close to who he is in reality. He makes my world bigger and cozier all at the same time. He encourages me to always be a better version of myself without ever making me feel like I’m not enough as I am. So excited to spend many more with you and looking forward to our biggest role yet in couple of months – being parents to our little bub. – Happy Anniversary to us!

Love you more than anything! ox