Architecture | Villa Indigo

I think I found my dream home and I am not leaving this place. . .at least virtually. Currently available for rent, the elegant Villa Indigo was envisioned by Spanish studio Josep Camps and Olga Felip and is located in Caldes de Malavella, a municipality in Catalonia, Spain.

Wooden panels hide the residence on one side, ensuring a high amount of privacy. The opposite facade consists almost entirely of glass, visually connecting the rooms with the swimming pool and vast inner courtyard. The architects managed to stylishly combine glass and wood, resulting in airy and welcoming interiors throughout.exterior-Villa-Indigo Villa-Indigo-6 Villa-Indigo-8 Villa-Indigo-11

Architecture: Mountain Design Hotels | Part I

As winter is approaching us slowly here in Sydney, we explore the architecture of some mountain resort hotels around the world. beautiful buildings that are hiding behind their wooden facades accurate architectural details, draw new concepts of luxury. Hope you enjoy our selection.
WHITE POD Alpine Ski Resort, Monthey  Switzerland_Arhitektura+ (2)WHITE POD Alpine Ski Resort, Monthey  Switzerland_Arhitektura+ (1)
WHITE POD Alpine Ski Resort, Monthey / Switzerland / 2012
ALPINA DOLOMITES Compatsch  Italy  2010_Arhitektura+ (1)ALPINA DOLOMITES Compatsch  Italy  2010_Arhitektura+ (2)ALPINA DOLOMITES Compatsch  Italy  2010_Arhitektura+ (3)
ALPINA DOLOMITES Compatsch / Italy / 2010
EDEN HOTEL Bormio  Italy  2012_Arhitektura+ (1)EDEN HOTEL Bormio  Italy  2012_Arhitektura+ (2)
EDEN HOTEL Bormio / Italy / 2012 (More here in our previous blog)
THE CAMBRIAN Adelboden  Switzerland  2007_arhitektura+ (1) THE CAMBRIAN Adelboden  Switzerland  2007_arhitektura+ (2) THE CAMBRIAN Adelboden  Switzerland  2007_arhitektura+ (3)
THE CAMBRIAN Adelboden / Switzerland / 2007

Baby Shower | Decor Ideas

baby shower_ decor_ideas_boy girl (2)

At a baby shower, fun is the name of the game. And it’s not always directed at the mummy to be! Baby showers are a great excuse for women to get together and although men aren’t exactly excluded, the truth is that these do tend to be women and girl centred events. My baby shower is fast aproaching, in fact this weekend is the big day. Below are a few of our favorite decor ideas and themes, though almost any craft or decor idea can be transformed into a shower idea in some fashion. Don’t be afraid to be different and throw a party and enjoy the company of your firends and savor the few moments before baby is here! This week we will be posting party theme ideas all week. Hope you enjoy it!

baby shower_ decor_ideas_boy girl (3) baby shower_ decor_ideas_boy girl (4) baby shower_ decor_ideas_boy girl (5) baby shower_ decor_ideas_boy girl (6) baby shower_ decor_ideas_boy girl (7)     baby shower_ decor_ideas_boy girl (12)

Interiors | Stylish Black and white Swedish Apartment

stylish-black-n-white-apartment-in-sweden-arhitektura+ (6)

When you have a small apartment, you feel that the small size is problematic and complicated enough and you try to avoid overthinking things when decorating the place. Sometimes a great way of maintaining a clean and simple décor in a small apartment is to keep the color palette as restraint as possible.

stylish-black-n-white-apartment-in-sweden-arhitektura+ (1) stylish-black-n-white-apartment-in-sweden-arhitektura+ (2)

A black and white combo is a classical, popular and always great choice. When you only reduce the décor to only two colors everything becomes simpler and clearer. It’s easier to imagine how everything will look like in advance when you only have two colors to worry about. When those colors are black and white, the décor and the atmosphere become even more classical and chic. This apartment, in spite of being small, has an airy and discreet look. This classical and always beautiful combination of colors was used to create interesting contrasts but also to maintain a sense of simplicity.

stylish-black-n-white-apartment-in-sweden-arhitektura+ (3) stylish-black-n-white-apartment-in-sweden-arhitektura+ (4) stylish-black-n-white-apartment-in-sweden-arhitektura+ (5)

Currently Crushing: Travis Walton Interiors

Design by Melbourne based interior designer Travis Walton. The Cloverdale Residence, is a contemporary home with a limited colour palette that is lifted with luxury finishes of marble, travertine tiling and European Oak. The open plan design is perfect for modern Australian living.

Travis Walton Cloverdale

Travis Walton Cloverdale

Travis Walton Cloverdale

Travis Walton Cloverdale

Travis Walton Cloverdale

Travis Walton Cloverdale

Via | Australian Interior Design Awards

‘Barbie I Can be… Architect’

Mattel has teamed up with American Institute of Architects to create Architect Barbie for young girls.  Called ‘Barbie I Can be… Architect’, the doll is dressed in a little dress that showcases the city skyline; and comes with a hard hat, carrying case for her latest designs, a model dream house, and black-rimmed architect glasses.  Who said architects can’t wear pink? The costs of this Barbie is $19.89 and is available here.

She comes with a stylish architect design pink house.  A joint statement from Ms. Li and Ms. Paklar stated, “We are very honored to have been chosen by AIA and Mattel as a finalist and as the public favorite – Barbie was both of ours’ favorite doll growing up in China and Croatia. We appreciate the versatility of our profession which allows us to express ourselves in a myriad of ways – from entirely built city environments to a Barbie Dream House. We hope to encourage more young female architects to flex their design muscles and just to have fun with architecture.” Winners of Barbie House design.

However, if you been following my facebook page I have been uploading some good articles from Archi parlour. Their survey research shows that the problem isn’t getting women to enter the profession in the first place, it’s getting them to stay there. It’s generally accepted that the participation of women peaks in architecture school at approximately 40 percent. Once they’ve graduated, only a quarter of those women complete the registration, required to become a registered architect or even legally call oneself an “architect.”

Today, only 20% of practising architects are women. In terms of inclusion, architecture is lagging behind other US professions such as law (42% women) and medicine (39% women). Given that the public perception of architecture tends to be of a male-dominated profession, it is important to demonstrate the profusion of women who already work successfully in the field. It is important that potential future architects have a more accurate sense of what architectural work actually entails, with a more realistic portrait of everyday life in an architectural office, including the fact that this is a place and a profession for women as well as men.

I believe that women tend to have to work harder but also more strategically to make sure that the people above them know that it was them that did the job, and them that had the idea.

I think it is harder for a male architect going to a building site to say ‘oh my god, I’ve got no idea what that thing is,’ whereas a woman can say that, and the men [builders] seem to like teaching female architects. So that is a real advantage, that kind of freedom to ask a lot of questions without it becoming an ego or macho issue at all.

London’s Faberge Egg Hunt!

We are BACK. . . Hope you enjoyed your Easter break.

We are continuing with theEaster theme, as there is still many of you celebrating Orthodox Easter this weekend.

In the run up to Easter, there’s been a big egg hunt across Central London. It’s a Fabergé-themed egg hunt which was to raise money for the charities Action for Children and Elephant Family.  UK’s biggest and best artists have each designed one of the 200 giant eggs, uniquely crafted eggs were laid out in several places throughout the city and everyone was invited to join in. Check out some of our favorites and The biggest egg hunt for more designs.

Quotes of the Week | Confessions of a Designer

In design, as in any domain, there are certain preconceptions about what designers think and do. This project is a collection of quotes that I have either found myself thinking or that I have heard my designer friends say, often on more than one occasion. Starting with the first one, which most of my friends think I do.

Personally, I would say that the biggest preconceived idea is that a project will take however long it takes to sketch it up, whereas nine times out of ten, it is the concept and not the implementation that takes time.
[via] Let me know what you think. If you’re a creative, what do people say to you and if you are not a designer, what do you think of designers and their day jobs?