Happy Orthodox Easter

Happy Easter! As you know we celebrate Orthodox Easter, we will be enjoying it with friends and family, we are taking couple days off from blogging this weekend. Today I am dying eggs and thinking of other creative things to decorate my eggs I will share some next week! We hope you enjoy your Easter weekend, if you are celebrating! Take care, Sara ox

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Idea Gallery: Decorating for Easter

Easter egg decor ideas_Arhitektura+ (2)

It’s hard to believe that Easter is just in couple days! If you’re planning on hosting Easter brunch or dinner for family and friends, I’ve rounded up some fun decorating ideas to help you prepare. Check out more ideas here from my earlier post’s. Even tho we celebrate our Orthodox Easterin May this year, there will be many of my followers celebrating now. What are your plans for Easter? Do you have any traditions that you look forward to? I’d love to decorate Easter eggs…that’s something I do every year and try something new each year. Anyway, everyone I hope you have a great long weekend and I’ll meet you back here tuesday next week 🙂

Easter egg decor ideas_Arhitektura+ (1)

Easter egg decor ideas_Arhitektura+ (2)

Easter egg decor ideas_Arhitektura+ (3)

Easter egg decor ideas_Arhitektura+ (4)

Easter egg decor ideas_Arhitektura+ (5)

London’s Faberge Egg Hunt!

We are BACK. . . Hope you enjoyed your Easter break.

We are continuing with theEaster theme, as there is still many of you celebrating Orthodox Easter this weekend.

In the run up to Easter, there’s been a big egg hunt across Central London. It’s a Fabergé-themed egg hunt which was to raise money for the charities Action for Children and Elephant Family.  UK’s biggest and best artists have each designed one of the 200 giant eggs, uniquely crafted eggs were laid out in several places throughout the city and everyone was invited to join in. Check out some of our favorites and The biggest egg hunt for more designs.

Happy Easter

Before everyone goes off to eat chocolate eggs, we would like to share some more of last-minute Easter Ideas with you. Click on the image to find the source. Hope you have a safe and happy Easter and enjoy this time with your families. Hope you enjoy your long weekend and see you all back here next week, check out my facebook page for more inspirational photos. If you are celebrating Orthodox Easter next week stay tuned for more.

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Colour FRIDAY | Easter Indoor + Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Last friday we shared some clever easter egg ideas here & here so now its time to share some decor inspiration for easter. Below are some beautiful images of how to decorate your indoor & outdoor space this easter. If you wish to share your bunny creations with us and our readers, we would really appreciate it if you could drop us a comment or an email to your link. Here’s to a great weekend! x


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Message inside an egg | Easter Idea

I am loving this clever easter idea. The first step to empty the egg is making two small holes in the opposite corners of the raw egg using a needle.

Now it’s question of patience: the content of the egg will fall when it dumps. If we fail we can enlarge the hole in the bottom and blow through the top hole, being careful not to put too much pressure to avoid breaking the shell.

When it’s completely empty, wash it gently to remove excess and let dry.

The next step is to paint to your liking with plastic paints or watercolors.

While the paint dries, write our message in a thin strip of paper, roll up and introduce it through the largest hole of the egg (bottom).

The final step is to find a nice box and carefully wrap it as a gift and surprise them all!

[via: OhCrafts]

Colour FRIDAY | Easter Eggs Decorating Ideas

Easter is coming up next month. Have you put up your Easter decorations yet? I’m still looking for some really modern decoration inspiration. Today, we’re featuring some of the decorative Easter eggs created and shared by some awesome crafters, hoping they bring you some inspiration too. What are you doing for Easter, I love to hear about fun traditions or other beautiful crafts out there! There are lots of other good things coming up from Arhitektura+ so stay tuned my lovelies.

Have a very Happy Friday! x



I enjoy making and colouring Easter Eggs too. Below are photos of my designer Easter Eggs from last year… I’ll be making up a batch of eggs and will share the process this year also. I would love to try out some above recipes and projects only if I could find the time and the energy to actual get them done. Know what I mean?

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