Welcome to my very first post …my first steps into the ‘blogging’ world. A beginning of something BIG!

If you are reading on I’ll assume you are interested so I will let you in on a few things about me.

So …let me introduce myself…

I am twenty-nine years old (so close to 30 – it’s the new 20 right!?). I’ve been married for two years.I was born in Serbia and I moved to Australia with my family over 15 years ago. From an early age (very, very early!) I’ve been drawn to design, art and drawing. I decided to pursue my passion …so I become an architect (best of all worlds, right?). I enrolled into University of NSW to study Architecture where I gained my ‘Masters in Architecture’ degree and I so far achieved over 8+ years of experience in the field.

Things I am thankful for will tell you more about me…

my husband. He’s my best friend and my #1 fan. He celebrates all my wins with me and he’s always there for me when things aren’t so bright + shiny! To me …he is the most caring person in the world. My life wouldn’t be complete without him.

my parents. I’m thankful to be the daughter of two very loving, supportive people. My parents enabled me to experience many things, regardless of how much they sometimes worried. They gave me everything they possibly could … and even some things they probably couldn’t. I am thankful for my parents who taught me about hard work and passion in equal parts. I believe that they are two of the hardest working people on the planet! I adore them unconditionally.

my sisters.  I am thankful for my sisters who know me in a way that nobody else can. Only my sisters can cheer me up when I am sad – even if they made me sad in the first place! My two little fish mean more to me than anything else.  A sister is a forever friend. 

my friends. Unfortunately – actually fortunately – I don’t have a large number of close friends, but I do know there are a lot of good people, near and far, who I can count on, who care about me, and who want only the best for me. Even though I only have a handful of extremely close friends I know that I can count on them for anything.

travelling. I am very thankful that I’ve travelled so much. I believe that visiting other countries has broadened my horizons and made me a much more motivating and considerate person. There’s still a lot of the world that I haven’t seen – I am however looking forward to exploring the rest of it – sooner or later I know I will see everything my heart desires.

So on that note, I’m thankful that our world is so big! I was able to visit so many amazing places such as London, Paris, Boudreaux, Madrid, Barcelona, Nice, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Lake Como, Milan, Cinque Terre, Rome, Venice, Tokyo, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Budva, Frankfurt, New York, Denver… and in Australia of course Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hamilton Island and Darwin – I live in Sydney – but I haven’t quiet come around to ‘exploring it’. One day I will hop on the red ‘Bus About’ tour – I always wonder where they take all the tourist in Sydney.

accomplishing goals.  To one scale or another, I tend to follow through on things. I thrive on having goals to accomplish and I am happy about the fact I’ve been able to achieve a number of them.

i’m thankful that my future looks so bright and all the wonderful people I love to share it with.

i’m also thankful for this blog and everyone I hope to meet through blogging!

Majority of my blog’s will reflect what I have done, what I will be doing, where I’ve been, and where I will be going, what I believe . think . dream …

Why a blog you might ask? I am becoming a blogger because I believe in the big picture. I hope my work has an effect by being seen. I am placing my work to the ultimate test. I certainly do hope that my blog will be read by a few more people other than my family + friends. Only time will tell.

After several years of being a photo junkie I noticed that I come across a lot of great inspiration. Whether it is architecture, interior, fashion, travel, food – you name it! I figured… Why not share this with everyone else? It’s a lot more fun that way. Everyone needs inspiration for whatever it is they are trying to achieve. I hope you can get some inspiration from my blog! You will be able to experience firsthand my addiction to beautiful photos that inspire me in every way – every day!

“Don’t ever be afraid to step into something different”

19 thoughts on “about.me

  1. Zdravo, kako si? Zovem se Deirdre, ja sam Irski. Hi, sorry if the Serbian is not very good! I have only started learning to speak, read & write Serbian, but I really love to practice!! 🙂 Also, my computer doesn’t have the Cyrillic alphabet on its keyboard, so I had to write with Latin alphabet.

    I want to tell you I think your blog is so amazing!! You write so eloquently & all the emotion & your personality shine through in your writing!! Art, & fashion are absolutely my passion & my life – I love to meet other creative people & see everything they love, their work, & their creative passions! So I’m incredibly glad & grateful to have discovered your blog 🙂 Can’t wait to explore it properly!! 🙂

    Some day soon I really wish & hope to travel to Serbia, to start off in Belgrade & then travel round the entire country, before moving on to explore more of Eastern Europe! I really can’t wait – think the different cultures, languages & landscapes of Eastern Europe are incredibly beautiful & I want to soak it all up!! Stay stylish, 😉

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

    • Cao, dobro sam. Tvoj Srpski je super! Beautiful to see other people being interested in our culture, language.
      Thank you for your beautiful comments. I am glad you found my blog! Hope you enjoy it. If you wish to travel to Serbia, you will find alot of interesting photos, stories and places to see there on my blog, as I love to blog about my home country.

      Thank you again! ox

  2. I live in Sydney – but I haven’t quiet come around to ‘exploring it’. One day I will hop on the red ‘Bus About’ tour – I always wonder where they take all the tourist in Sydney…

    SO TRUE!!!!

    love your style, and thank you for the inspiration bombing photographs, images and the occasional ponder provoking quote/statements.

    looking forward to more 🙂

    congrats/good luck/all the best…

  3. Hey cao, Blog ti je savrsen, volim arhitekturu i znam dosta o njoj ali rano srednjovekovnoj na tlu Yugoslavije. Mogla bi da nam se pridruzis kada napravimo on line magazine. Ovde ces naci informacije i potrebna nam je pomoc.

    I need a bit of your help, I made a campaign on American funding platform Indiegogo with a friend. We want to make on line magazine you can read all about it on this link: http://www.indiegogo.com/stillinbelgrade We need donations, likes , shares. It would be very nice if you can spread the word about it. Currently, We have 0 $ and we wont to collect at least 500$. Thank You, Keep up the good work!


  4. Hi!!
    Keep up the good work my colleague!! I am in my last year of Bachelor of Interior Architecture, I can’t wait to finish and get into the field. I absolutely love your blog as I am a photo junkie too and have been considering starting a blog of my own..
    All the best,
    Vedrana 🙂

  5. Hi Vedrana,
    Thank you. Im glad you like my blog.
    Good luck with your studies. maybe one day we cross paths. Let me know if you start your blog, see my page on facebook and keep in touch.


  6. You’ve Been Nominated
    Hi. I just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog Award. Not sure of the exact rules, who started it, or where to find the exact rules. I think you are supposed to nominate 15 other blogs when you accept (kind of like chain letter/pyramid type advertising) but I know I won’t be advertising that many). Anyway, it only serves to help promote your blog. For more info, check out the appropriate post at my site on :http://iiteeeestudents.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/very-inspiring-blog-nominations/

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  8. WELCOME- GREAT FIRST BLOG- How to see plenty more! I work with Architects professionally every day- Hope to see your vision!

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