Happy Orthodox Easter

Happy Easter! As you know we celebrate Orthodox Easter, we will be enjoying it with friends and family, we are taking couple days off from blogging this weekend. Today I am dying eggs and thinking of other creative things to decorate my eggs I will share some next week! We hope you enjoy your Easter weekend, if you are celebrating! Take care, Sara ox

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Baby Shower | Decor Ideas

baby shower_ decor_ideas_boy girl (2)

At a baby shower, fun is the name of the game. And it’s not always directed at the mummy to be! Baby showers are a great excuse for women to get together and although men aren’t exactly excluded, the truth is that these do tend to be women and girl centred events. My baby shower is fast aproaching, in fact this weekend is the big day. Below are a few of our favorite decor ideas and themes, though almost any craft or decor idea can be transformed into a shower idea in some fashion. Don’t be afraid to be different and throw a party and enjoy the company of your firends and savor the few moments before baby is here! This week we will be posting party theme ideas all week. Hope you enjoy it!

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Idea Gallery: Decorating for Easter

Easter egg decor ideas_Arhitektura+ (2)

It’s hard to believe that Easter is just in couple days! If you’re planning on hosting Easter brunch or dinner for family and friends, I’ve rounded up some fun decorating ideas to help you prepare. Check out more ideas here from my earlier post’s. Even tho we celebrate our Orthodox Easterin May this year, there will be many of my followers celebrating now. What are your plans for Easter? Do you have any traditions that you look forward to? I’d love to decorate Easter eggs…that’s something I do every year and try something new each year. Anyway, everyone I hope you have a great long weekend and I’ll meet you back here tuesday next week 🙂

Easter egg decor ideas_Arhitektura+ (1)

Easter egg decor ideas_Arhitektura+ (2)

Easter egg decor ideas_Arhitektura+ (3)

Easter egg decor ideas_Arhitektura+ (4)

Easter egg decor ideas_Arhitektura+ (5)

Weekend special | Valentines Day | Get crafty with love

Here is a special weekend post as Valentine’s Day is couple days from today, so if you’re thinking about making some Valentine crafts for family, friends or the love of your life, here are some fun and easy DIY projects to show your love in a creative way! Get creative this weekend. . .

Check out more ideas on my pinterest Love board and for decor ideas check out my blog Love tag.

Valentines Day_DIY_Love_Presents (1)
Kraft paper boxes

Valentines Day_DIY_Love_Presents (3)

DIY Heart Mason Jar

Valentines Day_DIY_Love_Presents (4)

Love Frame

Valentines Day_DIY_Love_Presents (2)

Love letter wrap

Valentines Day_DIY_Love_Presents (5)

Sharpie Love Mug

Interiors | The Dining Room de-lights

You might think what I am about to tell you is crazy – but I promise I am onto something good. If you are afraid of making big decisions or you lack confidence when decorating – I recommend you start with you dining room. It’s a very simple formula: Table + Chairs + Light Fixture + Dinner = You’re done! Get the table first – figure out the size you need and go from there.
You may have heard this many times before but lightening really does make a room. However it’s not just the light itself – it is the fixtures used also.  My topic in particular today is a great chandelier or pendant light hanging over a dining room table which really brings the room to life. It is also the most common item that we see hanging above a dining room table.
You should choose a piece that will make a statement, which suits your style, but which will also work as a practical light fixture – not just as decoration.

I agree that committing to a light fixture can be hard, and you really should wait until one truly knocks your socks off, because end of the day it will be a fixed decor.
A modern chandelier or light fixture that hands down close to the centre of the table is a great idea for any dining room. You want to see what you’re eating and the light allows for that. During the day, the chandelier itself serves as a statement piece for your decor.