Architecture | Ramat Hasharon House | Levy Chamizer Architects


This bright and breezy contemporary home by Levy:Chamizer Architects is located in Ramat Hasharon, on the central coast of Israel. This house is both sleek and refined, but the most impressive is the smoothness of the stucture of glass doors that brings lightness to the house.

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Interiors | Stylish Black and white Swedish Apartment

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When you have a small apartment, you feel that the small size is problematic and complicated enough and you try to avoid overthinking things when decorating the place. Sometimes a great way of maintaining a clean and simple décor in a small apartment is to keep the color palette as restraint as possible.

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A black and white combo is a classical, popular and always great choice. When you only reduce the décor to only two colors everything becomes simpler and clearer. It’s easier to imagine how everything will look like in advance when you only have two colors to worry about. When those colors are black and white, the décor and the atmosphere become even more classical and chic. This apartment, in spite of being small, has an airy and discreet look. This classical and always beautiful combination of colors was used to create interesting contrasts but also to maintain a sense of simplicity.

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Architecture | Openhouse | XTEN Architecture


Project:  Openhouse | Architects: XTEN Architecture| Location: Hollywood Hills, , USA| Compleated: 2007

Does this sprawling abode look familiar? If you’re a fan of Ashton Kutcher, you just might recognize this as the sprawling L.A. abode featured in the movie “Spread”, and we think this brilliant modern design.

XTEN Architecture originally created Openhouse for fashion designer Randolph Duke. XTEN designed the home with a primary emphasis on parties and photo shoots – in spite of the pristine white interior, natural touches like the stacked-stone fireplace and rough wooden tables still add an element of comfort that anyone can envy.

French Connection | New Home Collection

Soft, soothing colors have been on my radar lately. I’ve been drawn to beautiful pastels, soft greys, and warm whites, which is weird but it is probably because of the winter season here, because I tend to be all about the bright oranges, pinks, and yellows. So imagine my delight when I came across French Connection’s new home collection, filled with beautiful neutrals, and I couldn’t help but zone in on the greys. Their color palette is really working for me I just wish it was on this side of the world.



Images: French Connection

Architecture | ONG & ONG


Project: 28 West Coast Grove | Architects: ONG & ONG| Location: Singapore, China| Compleated: 2011

Is it just me or are you here with me?. . . I can’t get enough of  ONG & ONG beautiful architecture. I blogged about it here before. ONG&ONG has been in the architecture game since the early 70s, but this prestigious firm has only been doing interiors for just under a decade. We are blown away by the inspiring homes this company has created so far – including the Blair Road Residence. Seriously, would you ever think you will see second photo behind the heritage facade in the first photo.

TV and music appliances hide behind huge canvases in the lounge, easily revealed for entertainment purposes. A very surreal feature but we love it! What is your favorite part of the 55 Blair Road Residence?

Interiors | Saskason Interiors

This project is by talented Saskatoon’s Atmosphere Interior Design . Black and yellow can be subtle, sophisticated and very modern, one of my favorite combinations.

This living room is a classic modern example with its texture, stone, glass and metal details punctuated by the bold yellow and black color scheme.

Classic example of a modern black and white kitchen, but with a twist. The palette is completely changed with the simple addition of framed, yellow abstract art. Consider adding a vibrant color like bright yellow in small doses of art.

Via| Desire to inspire

Architecture | The Curvaceous Mop House


Project: Mop House | Architects: AGI Architects| Location: Al-Nuzha, Kuwait | Compleated: 2010

Mop House is beautiful for the unique curvaceous architecture. Rooms are open and spacious – the transition between functional areas is nearly seamless and follows a smooth course along the curvature of the home.

The lively, organic Mop House is the work of the award-winning team at AGI Architects.

via: Contemporist