Interiors | Stylish Black and white Swedish Apartment

stylish-black-n-white-apartment-in-sweden-arhitektura+ (6)

When you have a small apartment, you feel that the small size is problematic and complicated enough and you try to avoid overthinking things when decorating the place. Sometimes a great way of maintaining a clean and simple décor in a small apartment is to keep the color palette as restraint as possible.

stylish-black-n-white-apartment-in-sweden-arhitektura+ (1) stylish-black-n-white-apartment-in-sweden-arhitektura+ (2)

A black and white combo is a classical, popular and always great choice. When you only reduce the décor to only two colors everything becomes simpler and clearer. It’s easier to imagine how everything will look like in advance when you only have two colors to worry about. When those colors are black and white, the décor and the atmosphere become even more classical and chic. This apartment, in spite of being small, has an airy and discreet look. This classical and always beautiful combination of colors was used to create interesting contrasts but also to maintain a sense of simplicity.

stylish-black-n-white-apartment-in-sweden-arhitektura+ (3) stylish-black-n-white-apartment-in-sweden-arhitektura+ (4) stylish-black-n-white-apartment-in-sweden-arhitektura+ (5)

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