Travel Thursday | Santorini & Blue waters

The name of ‘Santorini’ is virtually synonymous with ‘spectacular’ and the Canaves Oia Hotel & Suites are a perfect example of the truly spectacular effects resulting from the fusion of natural assets, traditional architecture and modern inspiration… I keep coming across gorgeous places to stay in Santorini. I mean look at this place . . . Summer Loving!

Canaves Oia hotel is considered one of the finest Santorini Luxury hotels in oia and provides tastefully designed facilities and services to ensure the guests a comfortable, fairytale like stay in the standards of an authentic Luxury Santorini hotel.

5 thoughts on “Travel Thursday | Santorini & Blue waters

  1. Hey fellow Travel Thursday lady! We were lucky enough to have Santorini be one of our stops last year for our honeymoon, and let me just say, it looks better than the pictures! True beauty. Thanks for sharing. I’m hoping to get some of my personal pictures up on my blog for one of my Travel Thursdays soon!

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