Incredible Architecture Fyf Residence by Patterns


Project: FYF Residence | Architects: Patterns | Location: Rosario, Argentina

FYF Residence can be described as an attempt to deal with the generic and undifferentiated flatness of the [pampas] landscape. The project was conceived as a monolithic solid, a monochrome form only punctuated by subtle inflections that establish a complex physical relationship among the different spaces while maintaining a sense of identity and privacy between them. Specifically, a supple concrete shell constitutes the body of the house. Problematic transitions are registered into the shell through folds and bends. Folds and slits, allow also for conditions of luminosity, ventilation, and view. Moreover, through their shape and disposition, they are means of emphasizing geometry while experientially accentuating the topology of the shell at every local point – PATTERNS

[via Montaze]

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