Concrete Blonde | Dreamtime Australia Design


Project: Concrete Blonde | Interiors: Dreamtime Australia Design | Location:Sydney, Australia | Compleated: 2011

Concrete Blonde exudes a grand sense of luxury and sophistication from its   mahogany floors, and matching chocolate coloured tables, to its sleek concrete columns and ceiling.

The robust, unified and warm interiors of this new Sydney nightspot, by Dreamtime Australia Design, are unique thanks to a series of artisan-made, bespoke features. Situated across the courtyard from the already iconic Hugo’s Bar Pizza in Kings Cross, Concrete Blonde has quickly become Sydney’s latest hot spot to see and be seen.

The overall impression when walking into Concrete Blonde is of an industrial interior in warm tones, lit dramatically, simple and strong on first viewing, but with detail in every corner.  Some of the architectural elements of the existing interior were kept exposed, including an internal concrete grid and exposed hydraulic piping.

But the outstanding feature in Concrete Blonde is the fireplace, a large bespoke artisanal structure made in brown metal. The piece is imposing, with a regular pattern of robust detail, and in the fireplace itself the metal takes the shape of firewood. The brown theme is repeated throughout the rest of the interior in timber, featured in the floor, tables and seating. The kitchen is large and open, including a low, round wood-fired rotisserie, one-and-a-half metres in diameter, and two round gas-fired char grills with woodchips. Mimicking these circles, the firewood is kept in a series of round shelves on the wall behind.

On the terrace outside, the central feature is a fountain that spouts either water or fire, while illuminated plastic furniture is a clever source of lighting at night. “Dramatic, yet low-key, moody lighting makes a crucial difference in warming the ambience of the interior and exterior spaces,” explains McCann. “As well, several light fixtures are highly creative industrial luminaires, adding a further touch of wow and whimsy to the overall atmosphere.” While lighting is key to achieving what McCann calls the “wow” factor, what he really brings to a project like this is the ability to create bespoke artisan-made features that assure owners that this interior is truly one of a kind.

Via | SMH, ArchitectureAU

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