DIY | Painting abstract artwork

Another amazing idea from Wit & Whistle. I always say I will do my own canvas artwork and never find the time. But I love this idea and I actually might try it on the weekend. This is how they did it at Wit & Whistle and you can easily make your own with a canvas, a paint brush, 1/2″ masking tape, and three colors + white acrylic paint. Just tape up your canvas every which way, paint a gradient of each color in the taped segments, remove the tape, and enjoy!

Splash of COLOUR on a friday!

[1] Black, magenta pink with touches of green – this fabulous color combination creates amazing color splashes on the white background of this great apartment.

[2] Yum! Love this recipe

[3] Black and White interior with splash of PINK. Love it!

[4] What a great idea to display your colour pencils! Love this artwork.

[5] .. or you can do it this way. Great way to brighten up study room.

[6]  The collection guarantees to change the old perception that bricks are boring and stands out due to its palette of fun and funky colours. Finished with a full ceramic glaze, these bricks are perfect for internal or external use.

[7] Why settle for boring old cutlery. COLOUR it!

[8] I am absolutely in love with turquoise at the moment.

[9] Fashion – Keeping The Faith – Vogue Nippon February 2012

[ 10] Fashion – Jessica Hart – Free People January 2012

[11] You wouldn’t do it any other way

Francoise Nielly – Artist

Francoise Nielly was raised by architect father to appreciate art and drawing. She feels drawn to a fascination with urban street art, Françoise Nielly dreams of “painting the China wall in fluo[rescent colors].” Her passion is evident in a body of work chockfull of bright, feral, out-of-the-tube purity of palette, which doesn’t so much adapt to the natural shades on her subjects’ faces, as it snaps at such realism and convention. Her portraits look like broken mirrors and give off a feeling of schismatic harmony that pulls you into a world of pink and yellow-hued statements.

[Via: Nielly Françoise’s official site]