No Picnic Offices by Elding Oscarson


Project: No Picnic AB| Location: Stockholm, | Building completion: 2010-2011| Architects: Elding Oscarson| Photographs: Åke E:son Lindman

Swedish design duo Elding Oscarson have completed this office for design consultants “No Picnic” in Stockholm, No Picnic is one of the world’s largest design consultants, covering industrial design, product design, and packaging design. They wanted large, open office spaces, a prototype workshop, a prototype showroom, several project rooms, and a striking customer area, distinctly separated from the other spaces in order to maintain secrecy.

We wanted to get rid of all added layers down to the origin. In the old stable we were able to peel the room naked, and just add a custom designed acoustical treatment along the walls, but in the exercise hall, economy and function demanded that a mezzanine constructed there in the 1980’s, was kept. The mezzanine cut the hall lengthwise, and crippled the experience of the space in an unfortunate way.

Conversion of a historical building for a design office. We reversed most, but not all, changes done to the buildings through history. By placing a metal screen along the central axis of the main hall, we restored the spatial experience while fitting the program at an existing mezzanine. 2011. – Elding Oscarson 

[via Archdaily, Elding Oscarson]