architecture: st. leon house by saota

Interior-Design-Cape-Town-st. leon house by saota_Arhitektura+ (1)

St Leon 10 is another dream home designed by Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA), a Cape Town-based architectural practice. Completed in 2006, this two-storey contemporary residence was designed for a family with two young children who wanted a house which simultaneously created spaces for casual intimate family occasions or large get-togethers. The contemporary South African property is organised in a linear manner with all rooms facing the sea. The rear of the property offers privacy with no openings other than the glazed double volume entrance space. This space is screened with a steel framed timber screen and access off the street is through heavy timber gates.

Interior-Design-Cape-Town-st. leon house by saota_Arhitektura+ (2) Interior-Design-Cape-Town-st. leon house by saota_Arhitektura+ (3) Interior-Design-Cape-Town-st. leon house by saota_Arhitektura+ (4) Interior-Design-Cape-Town-st. leon house by saota_Arhitektura+ (5) Interior-Design-Cape-Town-st. leon house by saota_Arhitektura+ (6)

Mums Lounge | Display them shoes

Announcement time!! ♥
I have been telling you something exciting is coming here so here is part of it. I am very excited to announce that I am a contributing columnist over at Mums Lounge. I will be posting regular articles focusing on home design ideas, things to do around your home, decorating & cool kids spaces.

Make sure you check out and sign up for their newsletters for lots of great advise, info and comps. Their website just got a gorgeous new facelift. Looks great! Very happy to a part of a wonderful group of contributors. My first article is up on thier page from last week so I thought I share it with you here also.

I love my shoes. To be honest I am yet to meet a girl who doesn’t love her boots, heels, wedges or pumps. However, shoe storage is one of those things that most women I know struggle with, or at least storing them in a way where you can see what you have is a challenge (and I have experienced this myself). We don’t like seeing them in boxes …we all love to showcase all the pairs we have and choose a different pair each day. That becomes the challenge. We all love them, they’re all pretty in their special way and they make us happy. Yet very often our shoes end up being stuffed into boxes or our closets and we forget about them (or how many pairs we own!). Yet we splurge so much money on our shoes and still can’t get enough of them. A few of us even believe that our heels are works of art – so I thought why not display them as such?

This idea is inexpensive but beautiful. The idea of hanging our shoes on pieces of crown or architectural moulding is crazy – but it looks great. Let the moulding blend in by painting it the same colour as your wall or really embrace the “shoes as art” and paint it a fun, contrasting colour.

Another great idea would be to line the walls of a walk-in wardrobe or a dressing area with picture-rail moulding to make a tidy yet visually impressive display. Great way to see all the shoes nicely on display as well as hanging some of your other favourite pieces too.

If you think that your favourite pair of shoes is just too damn pretty to be cruelly concealed away in a box, display them all!

If you like your things organised and not much colour this is a great shoe storage design using the same boxes with pictures of shoes on the outside of each box. Very practical and tidy.

If you are like my sister than maybe your collection looks like this. Black and white only but so neatly displayed.

I have completely fallen for this idea. So simple and it looks like a shoe shop display. Maybe I will try this out one day at my place. You can make it inexpensive too with IKEA storage shelves & boxes.

This versatile shelf system can be also produced from IKEA grid shelves, affordable & stunning.

I admire this one. This is a very remarkable idea. This just works on every level.

Cheap way and great storage idea.

If you are fortunate enough to have a whole wardrobe to display all your shoes this idea would be a winner. Perhaps this would be the most practical and I know my husband would appreciate this idea the most. I am also sure he wouldn’t appreciate seeing shoes hung on the walls and to be honest this idea suits me fine as I can still see all my shoes and I can secretly sneak a few extra pairs in at least once a week.

From memory, I think I’ve counted over 50 pairs of shoes in my little storage area. Some I might not ever wear again however each one of them hold a special place in my heart and I just can’t imagine getting rid of them. I think my collection is fairly little – I am sure some girls have over 100 of pairs if not more. How many shoes do you have? How many is too many? That’s a silly question isn’t it? If you have room for them – keep them coming – after all they make us really happy.

Architecture | House in Estoril


Project: House in Estoril | Architects: Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos | Location: Estoril, | Compleated: 2009 | Photographer: FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura

The beautiful lake house, designed by Frederico Valsassina Architects is located on the alignment of the Main Lake Golf Course in Homestead Aroeira. We wanted a home that understands the autonomy of different spatialities – social / private, day / night – with the creation of a terrace adjacent to the pool. Taking advantage of the conditions of deployment of the lot, both in terms of topography and its limits, the position of the villa emphasizes the creation of dominant visual axis in the direction of the immediate surroundings of the lake. Indeed, the service areas protect strategically, social areas, occupying the most disadvantaged local deployment.

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Architecture | North Bondi House | MCK Architects


Project: North Bondi House | Architects: MCK Architects | Location: Sydney, Australia| Compleated: 2011

The North Bondi House by MCK Architects looks lovably livable, with a sprawling white interior uniquely designed to take advantage of very little natural lighting. Do you think this is a reasonable compromise between modern design and family livable house? We do! Feel free to write your comments and let us know what you think about the design of the house.

‘This project comprises a first floor addition and a ground floor reinvention to a space + light deprived semi. Floorspace has been sacrificed on the first floor to create a double height open core to the centre of the house, filtering natural light into the depths of the interior‘ MCK Architects .

Architecture | Openhouse | XTEN Architecture


Project:  Openhouse | Architects: XTEN Architecture| Location: Hollywood Hills, , USA| Compleated: 2007

Does this sprawling abode look familiar? If you’re a fan of Ashton Kutcher, you just might recognize this as the sprawling L.A. abode featured in the movie “Spread”, and we think this brilliant modern design.

XTEN Architecture originally created Openhouse for fashion designer Randolph Duke. XTEN designed the home with a primary emphasis on parties and photo shoots – in spite of the pristine white interior, natural touches like the stacked-stone fireplace and rough wooden tables still add an element of comfort that anyone can envy.

Architecture | Bankok House | MCK Architects


Project: Bankok House | Architects: MCK Architects | Location: Sydney, Australia| Compleated: 2010

‘A 1960’s house has been replaced and reflected by a contemporary version of itself, with a focus that now engages as much on the surrounding garden as it does the panoramic CBD view. The original plan and massing were adapted + literally ‘flipped’ with garden elements to create a more expansive connection from inside to out. Details, fixtures and fittings are sensitive to the original home.’ MCK Architects

Architecture | Roosendale Residence


Project: Roosendale Residence | Architects: Oomen Architects | Location: Roosendaal, The Netherlands | Compleated: 2009

The Roosendale Residence takes simplicity to an inspiring level. We love how Ooomen Architecten used materials, lines, and proportion to make such a powerful statement. Our favorite space in this contemporary residence is the living room – it consists of two distinct areas, a soft white and gray social seating area and cozy leather-and-calfskin spot for fireplace gazing. Love to hear your comments so share your creative ideas below!

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Architecture & Travel | Villa Amanzi


Project: Villa Amazi | Architects: Original Vision Aarchitects | Location: Kamala Beach, Phuket, Thailand | Compleated: 2008

The Villa Amanzi is a Japanese-inspired modern home in Thailand that is suspended from the side of a cliff overlooking Kamala Beach.  The house design was completed by architect design firm original Vision in December 2008. The construction of houses costing U.S. $2.8Mil. The amazing engineering and precarious position, attached to a sheer cliff drop, is belied by the serenity and stability of the house. Villa Amazi is available for rent here.

The defining elements are the rock and the view. They dominate at every juncture.

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