Things We Love | Inspiring Interiors Banquettes


With the entertaining season in full swing, I keep finding myself making a mad dash around the house, scooping up stray chairs from their regular surroundings to stand in as extra dining room seating for guests. What I could use is more accommodating furniture, like the versatile banquette. On a regular day it can seat one or two, but can just as easily hold many more when necessary—just try doing the same with a dining chair. Here are some ideas. . .





Season’s Greetings | christmas window displays

Christmas_Lifestyle_Arhitektura+ mas_Lifestyle_Arhitektura+
Enjoy this last weekend before Christmas spins into full effect! We leave you here with some of the best Christmas window displays around the world.

Hugs to each of you!


Harrods “Once Upon A Dream” Disney Princesses Window Display
Dolce & Gabbana Christmas windows 2012, Vienna
Johnnie Walker “Where Flavour is King” Christmas Window Display 2012 at Selfridges
Harvey Nichols Christmas Oriental Window Display 2012

Christian Louboutin’s Christmas tree, Paris


K&Ö Ice Princess Christmas windows, Graz

Fantastic Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas Tree Designs_ARHITEKTURA+

Everywhere you appear this time around of the year you will see Christmas tree decoration ideas. The good thing is that you will find a variety of possibilities if this involves designing your tree.  There’s nothing quite like the fresh pine scent of a new Christmas tree adorning a home’s interior. But whatever the reason– alternative trees are just as cool, if not more fun to invent and display.

We have found some interesting ideas, see if any of these would be perfect to incorporate into your home this holiday season.

Christmas Tree Designs_ARHITEKTURA+ (2)

Christmas Tree Designs_ARHITEKTURA+ (3)

Christmas Tree Designs_ARHITEKTURA+ (4)

Christmas Tree Designs_ARHITEKTURA+ (5)

Christmas Tree Designs_ARHITEKTURA+ (6)

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Home


Christmas is almost here again. It time to start thinking about decorating your home if you haven’t already. Christmas home decorations are the main thing that gives life and color to our home every season. Choosing the right one is difficult especially when there is so much to choose from. It can be challenging to find the right details to create a cozy feeling in your home during the holiday season. You need a bit of creativity and imagination when you come up with Christmas decorating ideas. So here are a few christmas decorating ideas to help you make your home feel warm and comfortable. You can also check out more Christmas inspiration on my blog right here.






Christmas at home_Arhitektura+

Little detail in our home sweet home ❤

brands we love: kikki.K | christmas


Since that first fated meeting kikki.K store and I have had a long and gorgeous relationship filled with innovative products. I am addicted shopper. Hence, why I really enjoy their Christmas catalog every year. Last year I have blogged about their catalog here and again here it is beautiful Christmas catalog from kikki.K. Lots of ideas for Christmas presents. Even tho I own half of these little books I still would love the whole collection of “Live of what you love books”.







Creative Ways to Decorate a Non-Working Fireplace

Christmas is approaching and many fireplaces in many homes are non-functioning or simply never used so here is some creative ways to decorate. There’s something warm and welcoming about a fireplace. There’s something completely romantic about fireplaces. Your fireplace should never have to look empty, stark or lonely. We’re offering you a few ideas to help you fill your hearth.

Candle display

Beautiful and clever placement of pillar candles. Whether you prefer flames or flame-less this is a perfect solution for those who want to create the effect of warmth and fire without the hassle and mess. The arrangement is warm, inviting and romantic

Put a log in the fireplace

There’s something warm and inviting, festive and fun about this log-filled fireplace. Without even being lit, the wood evokes a feeling of warmth and a homeyness. The logs, of all shapes and sizes add a texture and pattern all their own.

Create a book lover’s nook

The books aren’t seemingly tossed in haphazardly, but they have been cleverly arranged both vertically and horizontally to develop a fun pattern. This adds a nice design element to the room while using what the owners already have.

Create a personal gallery

Here’s a clever way to display some of your favorite pieces of artwork  instead of on the walls or over the mantel. The framed pieces, grouped together and placed on the floor, adds not only a sense of creativity and freshness to your space but will surely be the focal point of your room and garner some great conversation. Art becomes even more fabulous when it’s not hung, predictably, on walls.

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Serbian Christmas | Merry Christmas | Hristo se rodi |

Sveti Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, Belgrade, Serbia

Sremski Karlovci

Castle Kosmac, Becici

Gornji Visok

Monastery Uspenje



Novi Sad

Victor monument at Kalemegdan, Belgrade, Serbia

Reka Tara – River Tara

Adriatic sea, Bar

Adriatic sea, Ulcinj

Today is very special day in Serbia, my home country – it is Christmas! I want to wish all my family, friends and people all over the world who also celebrate it today, Merry Christmas.

Našim dragim čitaocima koji su pravoslavne veroispovesti i koji slave Božić danas, ARHITEKTURA+ želi srećan Božić, Hristos se rodi!

I wanted to share some of these beautiful photos of Serbia, Central Serbia & Montenegro done by Igor Markov. If you want to know more about Serbia visit this video best way to know Serbia.