Yayoi Kusama ‘Look Now, See Forever’ Installation


Artist: Yayoi Kusama | Location:Queensland Gallery of Modern Art | Type: ‘Look Now, See Forever’ installation

Instead of cleaning up after they crayon the walls, why not see what happens if you hand the kids a few thousand colorful dots and let things evolve from there? That is precisely what artist Yayoi Kusama did at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art – after she turned every last furnishing, fixture, wall and ceiling space in this faux living room into stark-white canvas to really let the subsequent work shine forth. For 40 years Yayoi has made paintings, sculptures and photographs using dots to cover surfaces and fill rooms, a process she calls ‘obliteration’, which means the complete destruction of every trace of something, in this case white space.Before the kids descended on this all-white lounge the living room looked like a minimalist’s dream pad. Afterwards barely a spec of white remained.

 [via Mail Online]