a peek inside: donna karan’s upper west side home

donna-karan-new-york-home-interiors_Arhitektura+ (8)

American fashion designer Donna Karan’s New York apartment serves as both spa retreat and partypad – the ultimate style sanctuary in the city. Donna’s thoughts on creating a tranquil home ‘Space means freedom and flexibility. My apartment is all about flow and openness, with one room leading into another and the inside blurring into the outdoors’.

donna-karan-new-york-home-interiors_Arhitektura+ (2) donna-karan-new-york-home-interiors_Arhitektura+ (3) donna-karan-new-york-home-interiors_Arhitektura+ (4) donna-karan-new-york-home-interiors_Arhitektura+ (5) donna-karan-new-york-home-interiors_Arhitektura+ (6)

‘I’m a Libran, so I’m always looking to find balance within opposites – black and white, calm and chaos, dram and serenity’.

donna-karan-new-york-home-interiors_Arhitektura+ (7)

‘To me, texture is a way to add an almost sculptural dimension to a room, whether with a tactile fabric – like cashmere or linen – or via a wall or floor surface – like bamboo or limestone’.

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Interiors | Citrus diet for your house

I think I would rather spend my time doing the things I love rather than slave away scrubbing my house from top to bottom…but also I could just refresh my house with a cleansing palette of citrus hues.  Why don’t you try the same? Fresh colours of lemon, lime, and tangerine can do wonders for making a home feel clean and tidy without your having to lift a finger.

Join me in gathering ideas for bringing these zesty citrus colors into your home.

Energize the living room. Artwork and pillows are two of the simplest additions you can make.

Loving the minor pops of yellow to really pull this overly neutral room together.

Love lime. Lime green is a bold hue, but when given plenty of white space to breathe it feels bracingly fresh. Try putting flowers to decorate or have slipcovers made for a chair or couch cushions.

Rise and shine. If you have trouble getting up in the morning, why not try a little mental trick and wake yourself up with a hit of sunshiny yellow? Even a small amount will do, as in this gorgeous bedroom above.
I love the yellow frame with black and white photos in this bedroom.
Baby Nursery. Bring a little sunshine and summer into your child’s room with yellow kids décor. I am in love with the nursery below with the yellow stripe wallpaper this nursery can be for boy or a girl. This certainly makes it a little easier to decorate the nursery if you are keeping the sex of your baby a surprise. If you are anything like me and you like to keep nursery walls and furniture neutral, for a clean, fresh look. You could always add colour and interest with toys, pictures and rugs that is another way of bringing a few citrus hues an the room.
A little goes a long way … Even a single throw pillow can be enough to wake up a neutral room. Start with something small and take a pause. Step back and see how it feels before adding more color — sometimes the smallest touch is just right.
Brighten the bath. For a simple bathroom update that is easy on the wallet, try just accessorising it with citrus colour towel, vases or a mirror frame. Can’t find a mirror with the right colour? Choose one with a shape you love and paint it yourself.
For more of a yellow statement try using yellow splashback or yellow as a feature tile.
Make a bold entrance. Give your home a bold entrance with a sunny yellow door, with just fresh lick of paint? But most neutral homes can handle a pop of colour on the front door. If it’s not a match for your home’s exterior, try doing a feature door inside.
Give outdoor rooms a boost. In the backyard or on decks, porches and patios, citrus colours are a natural choice. Echoing the vivid hue of the sun and flowers in bloom, yellow and orange add punch, while green blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.



Project: Stair Filled with Books | Architects: Smoothcore Architects | Location: Paris, France

French architectural firm, Smoothcore Architects has completed a loft that loves books! It is located in Paris, France and it is obvious that the cultivated owners like to be surrounded by written works which have almost conquered the house. As you can see from the pictures below, the stair is the most attractive point in the living room: an all-white “installation” that goes upside delivering culture, refined taste, magazines and musical albums or photography. The storage items created as such are very important because the room would have looked crowded and full-packed otherwise. Just imagine a second wall filled with books facing the existing library!

Architecture | Tusculum Residence | Smart Design Studio


Project: Tusculum Residence | Architects: Smart Design Studio | Compleated: 2010

Australian architectural firm Smart Design Studio has completed the Tusculum Residence in 2010. The architects have renovated and extended this early 1900′s terrace house in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. When I saw these photos of this beautiful terrace it was just love at first sight . . . you will see why below.

via: Contemporist

Architecture | Loft Renovation | Lakonis Architekten


Project: Loft Renovation | Architects: Lakonis Architekten | Location: Vienna, Austria

‘Rarely do architects in Vienna, Austria get the opportunity that Lakonis Architekten did with the renovation of the top floors of this historic building. They were able to build a modern loft space in an original building without compromising the historical aspects of what the location brings. At first glance you see a classic four-story corner building; then looking up you spot a modern roof structure that is made of steel, wood, and concrete.’ DesignMilk
Feel free to write your comments and let us know what you think about this modern roof structure on top  of a historic building?

LOVE | The house that love built

I blogged about yesterday how to create romantic look and feel for you home but imagine that instead of decorating just the table for Valentine’s Day that you spread the love and infused pinks, reds and a serious heart motif into every room of the house!? Well, that’s exactly what designer Jennifer Brouwer did with this client’s home – and the result is surprisingly fun, fresh and not even close to tacky. 


The designer puts her whole heart into it. The dining room walls, for instance, are the colour of Bazooka Gum. The ceiling is covered in textured red wallpaper. The silk drapery, in all its shades of pink, resembles a melting strawberry sundae. The quartet of chairs — pink again — sport pearlized white vinyl seats that are tucked under a red pedestal table, all of it atop a heart-shaped rug. On a cherry-coloured sideboard are porcelain lamps stuccoed with paper hearts, while teeny tiny ones have been glued on to the chandelier.

[via] What are your comments / thoughts on it? Hope you enjoyed some valentines inspiration from me everyone.Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and tell the ones you love how much you care… not just today but every day ❤ S. x



Welcome to my very first post …my first steps into the ‘blogging’ world. A beginning of something BIG!

If you are reading on I’ll assume you are interested so I will let you in on a few things about me.

So …let me introduce myself…

I am twenty-eight years old (so close to 30 – it’s the new 20 right!?). I’ve been married for almost a year.I was born in Serbia and I moved to Australia with my family over 15 years ago. From an early age (very, very early!) I’ve been drawn to design, art and drawing. I decided to pursue my passion …so I become an architect (best of all worlds, right?). I enrolled into University of NSW to study Architecture where I gained my ‘Masters in Architecture’ degree and I so far achieved over 7+ years of experience in the field.

Things I am thankful for will tell you more about me…

my husband. He’s my best friend and my #1 fan. He celebrates all my wins with me and he’s always there for me when things aren’t so bright + shiny! To me …he is the most caring person in the world. My life wouldn’t be complete without him.

my parents. I’m thankful to be the daughter of two very loving, supportive people. My parents enabled me to experience many things, regardless of how much they sometimes worried. They gave me everything they possibly could … and even some things they probably couldn’t. I am thankful for my parents who taught me about hard work and passion in equal parts. I believe that they are two of the hardest working people on the planet! I adore them unconditionally.

my sisters.  I am thankful for my sisters who know me in a way that nobody else can. Only my sisters can cheer me up when I am sad – even if they made me sad in the first place! My two little fish mean more to me than anything else.  A sister is a forever friend. ~Author Unknown

my friends. Unfortunately – actually fortunately – I don’t have a large number of close friends, but I do know there are a lot of good people, near and far, who I can count on, who care about me, and who want only the best for me. Even though I only have a handful of extremely close friends I know that I can count on them for anything.

travelling. I am very thankful that I’ve travelled so much. I believe that visiting other countries has broadened my horizons and made me a much more motivating and considerate person. There’s still a lot of the world that I haven’t seen – I am however looking forward to exploring the rest of it – sooner or later I know I will see everything my heart desires.

So on that note, I’m thankful that our world is so big! I was able to visit so many amazing places such as London, Paris, Boudreaux, Madrid, Barcelona, Nice, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Lake Como, Milan, Cinque Terre, Rome, Venice, Tokyo, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Budva, Frankfurt, New York, Denver… and in Australia of course Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hamilton Island and Darwin – I live in Sydney – but I haven’t quiet come around to ‘exploring it’. One day I will hop on the red ‘Bus About’ tour – I always wonder where they take all the tourist in Sydney.

accomplishing goals.  To one scale or another, I tend to follow through on things. I thrive on having goals to accomplish and I am happy about the fact I’ve been able to achieve a number of them.

i’m thankful that my future looks so bright and all the wonderful people I love to share it with.

i’m also thankful for this blog and everyone I hope to meet through blogging!

Majority of my blog will reflect what I have done, what I will be doing, where I’ve been, and where I will be going, what I believe . think . dream .

Why a blog you might ask? I am becoming a blogger because I believe in the big picture. I hope my work has an effect by being seen. I am placing my work to the ultimate test. I certainly do hope that my blog will be read by a few more people other than my family + friends. Only time will tell.

After several years of being a photo junkie I noticed that I come across a lot of great inspiration. Whether it is architecture, interior, fashion, travel, food – you name it! I figured… Why not share this with everyone else? It’s a lot more fun that way. Everyone needs inspiration for whatever it is they are trying to achieve. I hope you can get some inspiration from my blog! You will be able to experience firsthand my addiction to beautiful photos that inspire me in every way – every day!

“Don’t ever be afraid to step into something different”