Interiors: Decorating with Grey

I think a lot of us may shy away from grey, associating it with being dull, however, it is a colour that is far from dull if the correct tones and accents are chosen correctly as can be seen in the collages I have put together below. What is important is the “tone” of grey we choose for our interiors. The lightest tone of grey on walls still allows a feeling of spaciousness and can brighten a dark room, dark grey on a wall, however, may becomeĀ oppressive. If dark grey is used on one wall alone, for example behind a bed, it can evoke a wonderful feeling of drama and romance. More grey inspiration in yesterday’s post.

grey_yellow collage

Grey & Yellow

Grey green collage

Grey & Green

grey and red collage 1

Grey & Red

blue and grey interiors #decor #arhitektura+

Grey & Blue

grey and pink collage

Grey & Pink

grey on grey collage

Tone on Tone – Grey on Grey

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