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A baby shower can be a simple gathering of a few friends for a cup of afternoon tea, or you can go whole hog with decorations, a theme, a cake, and games. But no matter what the characteristics of the shower, the basic motivation behind it is the same: Pregnant women deserve a chance to celebrate and some presents to help them get ready for parenthood. Next time you’re invited to a baby shower, here is our list of baby shower gift ideas, including a few special finds to spoil new mums.


Sure, high chairs are going to end up with steamed veggie mash and rice cereal all over them but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix in some high-design with that food mess. This Ovo high chair by Micuna is stunning.

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I am always so thrilled when I find a unique, quality shop on Etsy. So when I came across Gifts Define it was no exception! I had to have one of their cute mobiles for my baby so my sister actually purchased it for me. You can check out their store here.

We have collaborated with Gifts Define and they are offering my readers $10 off for any order of $75 or more, just enter promo code BABY10 till end 31.05.13.

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Everything’s cuter when it’s baby-sized, and that goes for clothes hangers, too. You can easily personalize baby hangers with rubber stamps and non-smear ink to create sweet keepsakes or baby shower gifts! These hangers are from IKEA.

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The Eames RAR rocker is the answer to every chic and contemporary minded mum out there. It can serve as a distinctive rocking chair for the nursery and when baby has grown out of being rocked, it can seamlessly blend in with your lounge room furniture. It’s to be loved and cherished for many, many years unlike traditional nursery gliders that quite often get sold or quickly shifted to a dark corner.

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This is one modern swing that is definitely on my list Mamas & Papas Starlight Swing Once Upon A Time. Fantastic new folding travel baby swing with adjustable light canopy, twinkling light shows and MP3 jack so you can plug-in your MP3 player for  baby and you to enjoy!

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