Currently Crushing: Gallery walls

Art+GALLERY WALLS_Interiors_Arhitektura+ (1)

Maybe the title to this one should not be ‘currently’ as I am always in love with some amazing wall galleries. Creating a gallery wall can be really intimidating. I know it was for me. The first time I made an attempt few years ago. I tried to do it freeform, without a plan. Just nailing and hanging as I went. The wall I used wasn’t big enough, or a good location. Just all wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I love art, art prints, illustrations, and anything beautifully framed. Living in a small apartment I am constantly challenged to change our space. You can check out my own little gallery and how it was set up the right way here, which me and my husband did in our entry hallway not long ago, also more ideas here.

But now I am onto new ideas for the nursery room, which is more challenging as it is not a big room itself. But soon, yes soon, I will tackle this open task. I was thinking of laying out all my prints and illustrations on the floor and thus creating a specific layout that works for me. I will have to buy a few more frames and then the hammering can begin. Do you have a gallery wall? Any tips? Questions? Let me know!

Art+GALLERY WALLS_Interiors_Arhitektura+ (2)

Art+GALLERY WALLS_Interiors_Arhitektura+ (3)

Art+GALLERY WALLS_Interiors_Arhitektura+ (4)

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