Friday. Im in Love

It’s weekend again. Isn’t it just perfect. I am off to visit my my cousin who gave birth to little adorable twins in Canberra this weekend. It will be a great roadtrip down with my mum and sisters. Speaking of kids: This weekend I will be fooling around and taking photos of them, I will unleashed the kiddo in me. With my little one on the way now I am always on a look out for playful inspiration and I spotted these super cool kids stuff, hope you enjoy my collection. Have a happy weekend!


British designer Donna Wilson’s House Throw Play Den blanket is woven with strategically placed ‘windows’ and ‘doors’ to depict a house. When it’s not being used as a cubby, the pure lambswool blanket is equally lovely on a bed. I love this simple idea.


Being an architect myself my kid must have these simple Bauhaus Bauspiel Building Blocks. Designed by Alma Siedhoff-Buscher during her training at the Bauhaus in the early 1920s, the Bauspiel blocks represent the Bauhaus school’s philosophy of creating toys meant to stimulate inventiveness, joy and imagination in children.


Never too old for quality craft gifts, we love the Goose Grease Wooden Peg People kits. Everything you need is included in the kit – wooden dolls, paints, instructions and tips. You can paint their best friends and more! Wooden Peg People Kits are priced from US$14 and available from Goose Grease.


If you have a house choc-full of boys then you need to entertain them for hours with these great Automoblox. These cars have superior styling and inbuilt versatility with an educational bent. They can be taken apart to reveal removable colour-coded connectors that are unique to the individual vehicles – swap the wooden body parts to create new designs!


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