Interiors: 5 Ways to Love Your Space

Do you love your space? I mean really, really love it. If not, what’s the problem and how can you fix it? Most of us don’t have the funds to redecorate everytime we would like; we have to live with what we have for a while. However, there are simple ways (until that big lottery win happens) to spice up your space and make it one that you really love. A simple paint change, a wallpapered accent wall, switch up on the coffee table, new curtains – quick fixes for beautiful interiors. You can also try these five tips below!


1. Make your bed every morning.
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I know, I know – sometimes it’s just not at the top of your priority list, but I promise it will make all the difference in your space. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is make the bed, and strange as it may sound it makes me feel like I’ve already been a little bit productive!**
2. Add fresh flowers to your rooms.
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The easiest and quickest way to brighten up your space is fresh flowers. Most often I keep them on my coffee table, dining table, and my bedroom. If my budget would allow, I would keep a small arrangement in every room!
3. Eliminate clutter.
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Clutter is the number one way to feel no love for your space, so eliminate it! Trays, baskets, jars – all fantastic ways to get organized, declutter, and put your possessions on display instead of piled up in a mess.


4. Add little touches.

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It’s those little touches that truly make people love their home. Add your own personality, sentimental items, antiques, candles, stacks of books – these are the things that make it feel like “home” and ultimately make you love your space.


5. Think outside the box.

Decor Interiors Lifestyle_Arhitektura+ (2)

Unexpected pieces are my favorite part of interior design. The picture above is the perfect example – bar tray table at the entry. Widen your options on that paint for the entryway, that rug in the bathroom, or that appliance color!


Would love to hear from you, what things do you do to love your space?

3 thoughts on “Interiors: 5 Ways to Love Your Space

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  2. I’ve been in need of a “space” lift for a while. Can’t wait to apply these ideas and see how it transforms my home! Thank you!

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