Mum’s Lounge | Parents’ retreat

Today I wanted to share with you The Melbourne Central Parents’ Retreat by Clare Cousins Architects. If you are lucky enough to live in Melbourne check it out.

“The brief called for three key zones: a wet area for toileting/baby change; a feeding/play area; and a retreat lounge as a waiting or alternative feeding area. While the project required a highly practical solution, ensuring children’s safety, adequate sight lines, and low-maintenance wet areas, for example, the emphasis is on peace and play. This is not a utility space, which is used and then left; rather, it encourages people to linger, children to play and parents to recharge. Key to the concept was the aim to preference local suppliers, and to use low-tech and sustainable materials, with bespoke play equipment unique to the project. A vibrant colour palette delineates and connects zones for easy navigation, while the custom-designed play equipment entices children to engage with the space physically.”

I think this concept is fun and fabulous, a touch of practical luxury and leisure in an often utilitarian and frankly boring space. This project stands out as a unique and innovative example of a space that considers the needs of children and their parents. Something like this has been neglected in many city spaces.

Now it would be great to see this type of design thinking applied to many more public spaces within the city – making for more relaxing, playful and friendly environments. Don’t you agree? Have you come across a similar place in Australia that you enjoy going to, while you are away shopping?

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