Interiors | The Dining Room de-lights

You might think what I am about to tell you is crazy – but I promise I am onto something good. If you are afraid of making big decisions or you lack confidence when decorating – I recommend you start with you dining room. It’s a very simple formula: Table + Chairs + Light Fixture + Dinner = You’re done! Get the table first – figure out the size you need and go from there.
You may have heard this many times before but lightening really does make a room. However it’s not just the light itself – it is the fixtures used also.  My topic in particular today is a great chandelier or pendant light hanging over a dining room table which really brings the room to life. It is also the most common item that we see hanging above a dining room table.
You should choose a piece that will make a statement, which suits your style, but which will also work as a practical light fixture – not just as decoration.

I agree that committing to a light fixture can be hard, and you really should wait until one truly knocks your socks off, because end of the day it will be a fixed decor.
A modern chandelier or light fixture that hands down close to the centre of the table is a great idea for any dining room. You want to see what you’re eating and the light allows for that. During the day, the chandelier itself serves as a statement piece for your decor.

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