Interiors | Citrus diet for your house

I think I would rather spend my time doing the things I love rather than slave away scrubbing my house from top to bottom…but also I could just refresh my house with a cleansing palette of citrus hues.  Why don’t you try the same? Fresh colours of lemon, lime, and tangerine can do wonders for making a home feel clean and tidy without your having to lift a finger.

Join me in gathering ideas for bringing these zesty citrus colors into your home.

Energize the living room. Artwork and pillows are two of the simplest additions you can make.

Loving the minor pops of yellow to really pull this overly neutral room together.

Love lime. Lime green is a bold hue, but when given plenty of white space to breathe it feels bracingly fresh. Try putting flowers to decorate or have slipcovers made for a chair or couch cushions.

Rise and shine. If you have trouble getting up in the morning, why not try a little mental trick and wake yourself up with a hit of sunshiny yellow? Even a small amount will do, as in this gorgeous bedroom above.
I love the yellow frame with black and white photos in this bedroom.
Baby Nursery. Bring a little sunshine and summer into your child’s room with yellow kids décor. I am in love with the nursery below with the yellow stripe wallpaper this nursery can be for boy or a girl. This certainly makes it a little easier to decorate the nursery if you are keeping the sex of your baby a surprise. If you are anything like me and you like to keep nursery walls and furniture neutral, for a clean, fresh look. You could always add colour and interest with toys, pictures and rugs that is another way of bringing a few citrus hues an the room.
A little goes a long way … Even a single throw pillow can be enough to wake up a neutral room. Start with something small and take a pause. Step back and see how it feels before adding more color — sometimes the smallest touch is just right.
Brighten the bath. For a simple bathroom update that is easy on the wallet, try just accessorising it with citrus colour towel, vases or a mirror frame. Can’t find a mirror with the right colour? Choose one with a shape you love and paint it yourself.
For more of a yellow statement try using yellow splashback or yellow as a feature tile.
Make a bold entrance. Give your home a bold entrance with a sunny yellow door, with just fresh lick of paint? But most neutral homes can handle a pop of colour on the front door. If it’s not a match for your home’s exterior, try doing a feature door inside.
Give outdoor rooms a boost. In the backyard or on decks, porches and patios, citrus colours are a natural choice. Echoing the vivid hue of the sun and flowers in bloom, yellow and orange add punch, while green blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

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