Are you ready for a new week? Well we are back, after a long deserved break. But I have good news to share I am now a registered architect, something I have been working towards this year and it has been very busy time, but well worth it now. Still very busy with work and life in general, this week will be all divided between a lighter work schedule and some quality time with my family. But not to worry, I’ll be around!

I think I’ll use this week for refocusing and refreshing as I get ready to dive back into blogging over next couple weeks! I’m so thankful and happy to be able to spend my days focusing on Arhitektura+ full-time again as I have so much to share with you. And, you know what that means – only bigger and better things to come around here! Can’t wait to get this party started.

Happy new week my loves! Let’s make it count.

6 thoughts on “BACK TO WORK

  1. Congratulations! Great to read you are a registered architect now. I want to let you know that your blog and the incredible nice pictures always make me feel good. I wish you the best, both personally and professionally! Kind regards from Amsterdam (The Netherlands).


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