The Artist Studio | Stina Persson


Artist: Stina Persson | Location: Stockholm, Sweden| Type: Watercolour Illustrations

Step inside the studio of artist Stina Persson. Her colorful illustrations have long been a favorite of mine, so I was extremely excited to find this post to take a sneak peak inside her studio ! Stina says her work is about ‘making the ugly prettier and the beautiful a little edgier’. She creates her work by hand; using inks, watercolor dyes and colored pencils, and sometimes Mexican cut paper. The work is then scanned, and given a digital touch-up. Stina was born in Sweden, and has lived and studied in Tokyo, Florence and New York. Today, she lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. I will be showing you more of her work in our post later today. So make sure you stick by.

Via | Free People Blog  

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