Splash of colour friday | Centrale Mazzoni, Venice


Project: Colors on water | Centrale Mazzoni | Architects: GRUPPOFONARCHITETTILocation: Venice, Italy | Compleated: 2010

The “Centrale Mazzoni”, former Central Station of Venice Santa Lucia railway station, designed in the thirties by the “futuristic” engineer and architect Angiolo Mazzoni, is one of these twentieth century buildings; it has a valuable formal and symbolic value in the heart of the ancient city. The facades, carefully preserved by the restoration project, as evidence of the Venetian industrial revolution, hide the heart of the organic redevelopment project.

Each window has a different colour, as well as the parapets, through a combination which does not give references, keeping mind out of rationality, which improperly lives in the space of feelings. The glasses stains the light, both natural and artificial, during the night, but they are also a mirror reflecting the surrounding context and they have the ability to mirror themselves on water, in the heart of the building, where often reigns a surreal silence, difficult to find in the tourist town by now. Colour, glass, stones, bricks, wood, light, organic shapes make a single and whole system of reference for the project. This material is always present in the city, every corner is colour. Glass is a founding part of the industrial heritage of this city. In the project, the use of the colour is related to the red brick and white Istrian stone, the materials of the city.  GRUPPOFONARCHITETTI

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