Learning Photography | Landscape at Night

I have just started my first ever photography workshop at the Remember Forever Photography. I thought it might be fun to blog about my 3 hour workshop, so that all of us may learn alongside through looking at my shots.
Armed with my new Canon D60 DSLR and a brand new tripod, me and a friend headed to the Circular Quey eager to learn the art of landscape photography and how to take magnificent photos while traveling. I think it was -10 degrees in Sydney that night, it certainly did feel that way and to make it worse it was raining too.  So I am glad we learned something in that freezing cold weather and took couple shoots of the Opera House & Harbour Bridge.

I am still learning so any tips and tricks would be great so I wanted to ask for your help – which photo do you like best? I would love to get your thoughts, so please leave a comment or, if you are shy, send me an e-mail to let me know which one’s your favorite. Deal?

Photography at Night ensures those crisp and sharp beautiful landscapes with bright shining lights and reflections. This Remember Forever photography workshop, run every Thursday (and also Friday in Melbourne) is an absolute must if you are beginner and eager to learn some basic’s of photography at night.!

Your feedback is invaluable and very much appreciated.

x sara

6 thoughts on “Learning Photography | Landscape at Night

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