INTERIORS | Elektra Bakery | Greece

Greek based Studioprototype recently completed the renovation of a family operated bakery shop in Edessa,Greece. Studioprototype was given the opportunity by its principal to redefine the look of the Elektra Bakery shop chain with this as its pilot project. The shop is based on a strategic location on the main pedestrian high street of Edessa, occupying only thirty-five square meters the architects where asked to redefine the program of the shop as well as its appearance. From the outside, this appetizing view is perfectly framed and unified by an exterior of vertically aligned boards of cedar. Passersby can look through the large windows and past the playfully eclectic Tom Dixon pendants to view an elegant brass Elektra logo behind the food counter. I want a bakery like this to exist on this side of the world, as well as what is in it. Not enougth nice bakeries here. Do you agree? Or am i wrong?

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