Splash of colour friday | Ecole Maternelle Jacelot, France


Project: Ecole Maternelle Jacelot | Architects: Eva Samuel Architects | Location: Paris, France | Compleated: 2012

Wouldn’t you love to learn and play in school like this. The building’s envelope is a response to several environmental aims: visual protection, increased natural light to counteract the surrounding solar screens, no thermal bridges, natural ventilation and double flux in winter. This school is the first to comply with the City of Paris’s climate plan. These multi-form strawberry-coloured elements enliven and dematerialise the façades. Their anodized aluminium cladding changes from pink to golden grey to green depending on one’s movements, point de view, the colour of the sky and reflections of nearby buildings.

The atmosphere inside the school is gentle and serene. The only colours are those of the materials themselves, such as the wood of the false ceilings and the bay windows. The façade’s thickness creates a strong sense of protection and minimises outlook from neighbouring towers. The children enjoy taking over the micro-spaces generated by the façade’s thickness, using them as mini-living rooms, for reading, tea parties, hiding, etc. Eva Samuel Architects 

What do you think? I just wish they spend this much money on design and construction of schools in Australia.

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