Retail | OWEN Store NYC | Tacklebox Arhitecture


Project: OWEN Store| Location: Meatpacking District, NY, USA | Architects: Tacklebox arhitecture

Description by Architects : Located in the Meatpacking District, OWEN Store  occupies an 1,800 square foot space that previously housed a meat storage facility, auto storage, and a floral shop.  In response to the rich history of the space and through the juxtaposition of industrial elements with the handmade, we sought to create a place that is both familiar and timeless. Here a continuous surface, hand-built out of 25,000 brown paper bags, arches from floor to ceiling. The repetition of the paper bags results in a honeycomb-like structure that defines a warm, organic volume which sits within the existing industrial brick and concrete space.  Additionally, all clothing, accessories, and jewelry are displayed on quartz slab tables, blackened steel hang-bars and steel and glass vitrine whose linearity and crisp details sit in contrast to the delicate texture of the paper arch beyond. Here at Arhitektura+ we find this idea creative and not to mention, highly affordable. Just don’t know what happens if someone leans on the wall?

the openings of the bags create a delicate honeycomb pattern

clean light fixtures contrast the texture of the walls and ceiling

25,000 paper bags line the walls of the store

the repetitious surface of paper bags wraps the walls and ceiling, enveloping visitors

Via | Tacklebox Architecture

3 thoughts on “Retail | OWEN Store NYC | Tacklebox Arhitecture

  1. what do you girls thinks happens if someone leans on the paper wall? wont look honeycomb-like anymore.

    This sydney life – i went to NY back in september last year, some amazing stores, you must visit when you get a chance

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