Architecture | ONG & ONG


Project: 28 West Coast Grove | Architects: ONG & ONG| Location: Singapore, China| Compleated: 2011

Is it just me or are you here with me?. . . I can’t get enough of  ONG & ONG beautiful architecture. I blogged about it here before. ONG&ONG has been in the architecture game since the early 70s, but this prestigious firm has only been doing interiors for just under a decade. We are blown away by the inspiring homes this company has created so far – including the Blair Road Residence. Seriously, would you ever think you will see second photo behind the heritage facade in the first photo.

TV and music appliances hide behind huge canvases in the lounge, easily revealed for entertainment purposes. A very surreal feature but we love it! What is your favorite part of the 55 Blair Road Residence?

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