How I Met Your Mother | Yummy Mummy | Vogue Russia

IF all Moms were this SEXY!


Magazine: Vogue Russia, May 2012| Model: Maryna Lynchuk | Photographer: Alexi Lubomirski | Stylist: Ekaterina Mukhina

OK, so maybe Maryna Linchuk is not a mother in real life (yet), but she definitely fits the role in this month’s Russian Vogue editorial – “How I Met Your Mother”. This beauty shows the world how you can be a hot Mama and still mean business in sky-high stilettos, hot off the runway designer pieces, and some pretty adorable accessories children. She must be taking notes from Victoria Beckham herself – who has perfected the fierce look even with her real-life children at hand!  Your attire does not need to be as skin-tight and figure bearing as the lovely model above, however it would be great to remain classic and chic. No mom jeans. No moo-moos. All style.  
LOVE this editorial because it celebrates the modern woman. A woman who can have a successful career, raise a family, run a household and look STUNNING while doing all of that!  So, I dedicate this post to all the super women out there!

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