Happy Orthodox Easter

Happy Easter to all celebrating today. I wanted to share some of my coloured eggs with you. Some were done like my previous post on friday, others were done using rubber bands and stencil tattoos imprinted on eggs which I must say are my favorite this year.

There are many Easter customs in Serbia, the main ones are to go to church at midnight and bring coloured eggs, which were dyed on Good Friday. The first coloured egg is called “ČUVARKUĆA” which means “a housekeeper” and it is kept in the house until the next Easter. Just be careful not to crack the egg – or you could be surprised by the odour.

All the rest hard-boiled dyed eggs are used in a traditional game, known as egg dumping, where each player hits the other players’ egg with their own. The winner is the holder of the last intact egg. The losers get to eat their eggs. This is a common practice in all Christian Orthodox countries on Easter Sunday.


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