Interiors | Jackie Astier’s Apartment





‘I wanted the place to have an easy glamour about it, more Paris in the 1970s than the ’40s,” says Astier (former stylist to Pearl Jam and the Spice Girls), “so that it was comfortable to hang out in as a family and chic enough to entertain in.”



Project: Jackie Astier’s Apartment | Decorator: Madeleine Castaing| Location: New York
Stylist and editor Jackie Astier brings her rock-and-roll spirit and a passion for high style to her family’s Upper East Side apartment. Clearly Jackie Astier isn’t  just a stylist to celebrities but a fabulous interior decorator as well. She even spotted many of the stunning pieces in her home on eBay, which gives her major credit in my book. This design atheistic is everything I could dream of with seriously chic style but an all around comfortable vibe.

Via|  ELLE Decor & Because Im Addicted.

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