Renovated Church of Living | Zecc Architecten

Renovated Church of Living by Zecc Architecten


Project: Church of Living | Architects: Zecc Architecten | Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands | Compleated: 2007

Zecc Architecen designed this amazing project for the ‘Church of Living’ which would make anyone’s jaw drop. The entire location, concept and design was masterfully defined for modern living. One could not believe that this in fact is a church and although actually living in a Church might not be suitable to some everyone would agree that the overall creativity and achievement with this property is extraordinary to say the least. My firm is doing a renovation just like this for a client in Sydney, so I thought I do some research to see some other church renovations, which to my surprise it is very common and many beautiful restorations out there!

Evidently, The Church of Living is not a typical home. It was completely renovated from an old Catholic Church into a spatial residence. It’s aim was to create a unique home and that has been greatly achieved.

The renovations bring charm and personality to the Church of Living and just imagine the outstanding colourful light reflections from those stunning stained windows – in all that white space? It certainly is something so magical and peaceful. The comparison between the new and old is perfect in this custom home. The black open stairs make the place look bigger and they certainly fit great in the rest of the open space.

What are your thoughts? Would you live in there? I love to hear from you all.

Via Arch Daily.

6 thoughts on “Renovated Church of Living | Zecc Architecten

  1. What’s gorgeous place! I’ve always wanted to renovate an old church too, but I always think weatherboard country church … But the one here WOW I would love to stand inside it soak it up. Just beautiful!

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