Travel Thursday | Sotogrande Vacation House

Sotogrande Vacation House in Spain


Project: Sotogrande Vacation House | Architects: A-cero Architectural Studio | Location: Cadiz, Spain | Compleated: 2009

Would a ‘Spanish home’ spring to mind when you look at these photos? It didn’t to me – the Sotogrande House is most certainly not your typical Spanish Home.

The architecture, design and ambiance of this white vacation house truly stands out from the rest. The colour white plays a leading role in this magnificent home and it’s spectacular interior promotes each space and offers both play and thoughtfulness throughout this amazing property. The little colour which is featured throughout the home certainly adds appeal and personality to the white interior. Once you exit the property you notice that white once again continues to play the leading role while some greens and blues complement the home.

modern minimalist house entrance

Upon entering this grand vacation home the oversized mirror displayed in the entrance and the vibrant flowers underneath give you a welcoming feeling and a nice burst of energy. If you are up for some lazying around why not go to the rooftop where your jaw would drop at the amazing entertainers corner. Wouldn’t you love to party and entertain your friends up here? There are simply too many features in this beautiful home to be mentioned as they all bring their own dreamy element to make this one beautiful vacation. The classic design is ample in furniture choices.

I certainly wouldn’t want this getaway to ever end – this spectacular place is certainly on my top list of vacation properties.

Via | A-cero Architectural Studio. Via CoolBoom.

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