The Paddington X2 House

The Paddington X2 House


Project: The Paddington X2 House | Architects: MCK Architects | Location:Sydney, Australia| Compleated: 2009

Imagine embarking on a simple home renovation journey not knowing that the ‘simple’ renovation will be bigger than any average renovation project you have ever done? That is exactly what MCK Architects stumbled upon in this magnificent Paddington X2 house. The architects were presented with the job of creating this impressive contemporary space within the extremely strict rules of one of Australia’s best preserved heritage conservation areas. No one could have suspected that this symbolic finished project simply could not have come together under any other circumstances.

The architects retained the original facade by combining two Paddington terraces – which in turn gave them enough space to form one large, bright family home. The pendant lamps which feature throughout the rooms look striking as they illuminate areas that may not be touched by the generous windows and skylights. We are shown that shape and form play a big role in this terrace as the table, chairs and stools all show their beauty and make this one spectacular renovation. The natural wood featured in these photos provide real depth to fill in the extra space to create a warm and attractive atmosphere within the modern fashionable interior.

The Paddington X2 house certainly gives us the best of both worlds by filling up it’s living areas with clean white interior and the richly preserved exterior. One could certainly say that it’s one of a kind.

via: habitus Living

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