Interior | White Dream Apartment

Refurbished White Dream Apartment in Hungary


Project: White Dream Apartment | Interior Design:  Éva Katona, Péter Szigeti | Stair Design: Biljana Jovanovic Location: , | Compleated: 2011

Wouldn’t you agree that this spacious residence gives off an instant ‘pick me up’ mood? This modern apartment, the Emmental Stairs, was designed for young family and it has such a lively, bright and playful ambiance which automatically makes you smile.

The vibrant white apartment was designed by Eva Katona & Peter Szigeti. It is obvious that the residents love unique furniture which helps them utilize clean white design to serve as the perfect backdrop. The fashionable dining chairs, distinctive fixtures and fun decorative touches featured in these photos showcase this vibrant apartment as one of a kind.

The striking staircase, which automatically catches your attention, were visualised and created by Biljana Jovanovic. The stairs give the room an airy feel to is and it certainly creates a boundary between the living and dining area. The playful holes in the staircase allow the parents to keep an eye on their children no matter what side of the room they are on which is very practical.

The Emmental Refurbished Apartment is a energetic as it is captivating – no one would have issues getting comfortable in this home.

via: archdaily

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