Colour Friday | Splash of RED

Today is a very good day, as I am off to a well deserved holiday with my hubby!  To celebrate, I feel in the mood for all things RED! I can’t live without some red in my life.When I feel happy, I ‘feel’ red!


Red White Apartment Decor

white and red living room, Colorful Home Decor

Red is the most arrogant, attention-grabbing, and energetic color of the spectrum. In terms of temperature, it is the warmest color.  Emotionally, we relate red to love and passion.  It is the color that excites us most and makes us take notice.

4 thoughts on “Colour Friday | Splash of RED

  1. Love the red interiors, especially the first & second images – they are so beautiful!! I absolutely love different shades of red for interiors, as they’re such warm colours they make a room feel so cosy, & inviting, which is exactly how a home should feel!!

    And of course I love red clothes & shoes too, wearing red makes me feel more confident!! 🙂 Gorgeous post! Hope you’re having a fabulous holiday!! xoxo

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