LOVE | The house that love built

I blogged about yesterday how to create romantic look and feel for you home but imagine that instead of decorating just the table for Valentine’s Day that you spread the love and infused pinks, reds and a serious heart motif into every room of the house!? Well, that’s exactly what designer Jennifer Brouwer did with this client’s home – and the result is surprisingly fun, fresh and not even close to tacky. 


The designer puts her whole heart into it. The dining room walls, for instance, are the colour of Bazooka Gum. The ceiling is covered in textured red wallpaper. The silk drapery, in all its shades of pink, resembles a melting strawberry sundae. The quartet of chairs — pink again — sport pearlized white vinyl seats that are tucked under a red pedestal table, all of it atop a heart-shaped rug. On a cherry-coloured sideboard are porcelain lamps stuccoed with paper hearts, while teeny tiny ones have been glued on to the chandelier.

[via] What are your comments / thoughts on it? Hope you enjoyed some valentines inspiration from me everyone.Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and tell the ones you love how much you care… not just today but every day ❤ S. x

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