Colour Friday | Splash of YELLOW

I’m in a yellow mood & why shouldn’t I be its friday!!

Also maybe because it has been dark and rainy and the clouds were closing in on Sydney whole week, still no sign of summer. I guess I needed a little spot of sun.

Soft and subdued, yellow is often used in babies’ rooms and kitchens to create a calm, quiet place to begin a new life or to start the morning. But this versatile color is not just for old-fashioned spaces. Pick the right shade and yellow can be dramatic, daring and surprisingly debonair. Here are some of the ways color-savvy designers prove that yellow isn’t always mellow.

To energize and uplift your mood, add a punch of yellow to your room. Bright yellow symbolizes happiness, joy, energy, and optimism. You can feel the vibrancy in this living room right through the screen! However, don’t make yellow the dominant color because too much of this hue can have the opposite effect of laziness and caution.

On the last note this Mango-Passion Fruit macaroons Looks delicious!


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