Artistic Auto Garage | Craig & Karl


Project: Artistic Auto Garage | Architects: Marsh Cashman Koolloos | Artist:  Craig & Karl| Location: Sydney, Australia

One of the least appealing aspects of driving in the city is the parking, but thanks to Karl and Craig’s 72 DP Colored Parking Lot there is now something to brighten up your day. The latest commission for design and illustration duo Craig Redman and Karl Maier of Craig & Karl was to apply a bold graphic approach not to an editorial piece or gallery project, but to an underground car park in Sydney. The objective of the project was to breathe new life into the space (the underground car park of an award-winning residence in Sydney’s Darling Point by architect Marsh Cashman Koolloos which, having been rendered in concrete with little inlet of natural light, felt quite dark and heavy,” explains Maier. This colored parking lot is a leader in its category, and most likely one of the few parking garage innovations to ever exist. As a result of the renovations, the garage now feels safe and secure.

[Via TrendHunter]

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