Shade of Grey | Interiors

I woke up this morning to the soft sound of rain outside my bedroom window. I’m not going to lie to you: I am actually thoroughly depressed by the rain that has been saturating Sydney for WEEKS now. I mean, helloooooo, weather gods and goddesses! It’s supposed to be SUMMER, for sobbing out loud. With so many shades of gray in the sky on days like this, I decided to do a post on the beauty and simplicity of gray interiors. Grey and all of its many shades can be wonderful, especially in interiors (not outside…since my favorite season is summer)…grey can be used to create elegant, sophisticated, warm and inviting interiors. Here are a few of my most recent favourites….How do you feel about the color gray? Have a fabulous long weekend – Australia Day!

3 thoughts on “Shade of Grey | Interiors

  1. I agree with you, outdoor grays can be so depressing. Personally, indoor gray color is somewhat tricky, I think you have to know how to fuse it into your space properly. I always find myself staying away from it. What are some of the colors that would look great with it?

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