Project: Sand Club (SCL) | Location: Flamands, St.Barts |

The interior of this beautiful villa consists of open, light-filled spaces, which instantly evoke a feeling of serenity. The open-concept living area leads to the vast open deck, where the sea green freshwater swimming pool. The primary aspect of this house is all about living inside out.

A dining room, with the kitchen artfully integrated in the decor, leads into a huge living room opening onto the equally huge deck with a swimming pool in the centre and totally swivelling, retractable sun loungers.

All cupboards and storage areas are built-in, and nothing interrupts the pristine surfaces. The floors are of either wood or waxed concrete, also painted white. This unity of tone gives the impression of an immeasurable space and a minimalism inducing the utmost serenity. The eye is drawn to open sea, which opens the doors to dreams, to the imagination. This property will allow you to possess it and make it the paradise of your dreams: it dictates nothing, it suggests, make of it what you will.

[via Luxury Villas]


    • Yeah – was tge same at another place i visited, Lion Sands Ivory Lodge in the Sabi Sand private game reserve in South Africa. Very conspicuous 🙂

      I certainly wouldn’t say no though – even if I had to clean up after myself!

      • You would probably get an army of staff in a place like this – but it’s like when you get a cleaner in your own house, you feel like you should clean up before they come lol

        Silly I guess, but I don’t feel comfortable with my own ‘staff’. I got chance to spend a couple of nights in a villa at the Belle Mare Plage in Maurituis where you had a 24 hour butler. I just felt weird with someone offering to unpack for me and run me a bath :s bless, I was ill during my stay and needed some tablets – he got in a taxi and drive miles to the nearest pharmacist to get me some. I felt SO guilty when he got back!

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