Splash of COLOUR on a friday!

[1] Black, magenta pink with touches of green – this fabulous color combination creates amazing color splashes on the white background of this great apartment.

[2] Yum! Love this recipe

[3] Black and White interior with splash of PINK. Love it!

[4] What a great idea to display your colour pencils! Love this artwork.

[5] .. or you can do it this way. Great way to brighten up study room.

[6]  The collection guarantees to change the old perception that bricks are boring and stands out due to its palette of fun and funky colours. Finished with a full ceramic glaze, these bricks are perfect for internal or external use.

[7] Why settle for boring old cutlery. COLOUR it!

[8] I am absolutely in love with turquoise at the moment.

[9] Fashion – Keeping The Faith – Vogue Nippon February 2012

[ 10] Fashion – Jessica Hart – Free People January 2012

[11] You wouldn’t do it any other way

6 thoughts on “Splash of COLOUR on a friday!

  1. Loving white with hits of black and pink. Looks great. Ok now who really stores their colored pencils that way? I only wish i could be so neat. Mine are covered with paint and strewn all over the studio. I need a designer!

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