Serbian Christmas | Merry Christmas | Hristo se rodi |

Sveti Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, Belgrade, Serbia

Sremski Karlovci

Castle Kosmac, Becici

Gornji Visok

Monastery Uspenje



Novi Sad

Victor monument at Kalemegdan, Belgrade, Serbia

Reka Tara – River Tara

Adriatic sea, Bar

Adriatic sea, Ulcinj

Today is very special day in Serbia, my home country – it is Christmas! I want to wish all my family, friends and people all over the world who also celebrate it today, Merry Christmas.

Našim dragim čitaocima koji su pravoslavne veroispovesti i koji slave Božić danas, ARHITEKTURA+ želi srećan Božić, Hristos se rodi!

I wanted to share some of these beautiful photos of Serbia, Central Serbia & Montenegro done by Igor Markov. If you want to know more about Serbia visit this video best way to know Serbia.


6 thoughts on “Serbian Christmas | Merry Christmas | Hristo se rodi |

  1. Cannot even begin to describe how beautiful Serbia is – I really am in awe, & I can’t wait to go there & explore the entire country!! Just need to save up enough money to stay for a while – that would be a lot easier if I wasn’t so addicted to clothes & shoes 😉

    Stunningly beautiful, xoxo

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