Artist Janet Laurence | Inspiration


Artist: Janet Laurence| Location: Australia|

Sydney artist, Janet Laurence, is today best known for her site-specific installations. Often referred to as the “architects’ artist. Laurence is showing photographic works made up of multiple, overlapping panels. Some of the panels are clear, some aluminium, but most are Duraclear, a plastic photographic sheet. In a sort of doubling back on themselves, they both project colour and shadowy details on to the wall behind them, but also reflect their surroundings.

I was first introduced to Janet Laurence work while working on my final masters project (above). The project was University Art Museum at COFA. I researched Light, Shadow, Dark: immersion. Explored different approaches to viewing art that facilitates an intimate immersive experience. Exploration of where light meets dark results in shadowed spaces that form opportunities for contemplation and reflection.

[via Janet Laurence]

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